Christ we are short of soldiers!!!!!



Perhaps we should start calling up the peaceniks who are trying to bury their head in the sand in the classic 1938 "ooh that nice Mister 'Itler" pose.  Them and the traitorous scum who have defected to Iraq to serve as human shields and generously give their lives for the cause of peace (RAF and USAF happy to oblige) Wnakers the lot!!

The Snob

You're damn right we're short of soldiers - they're all on this website when they should be working.

Boy! Fetch my pipe and slippers! You girl! Yes you, the pretty one! Come and be my driver!

Etc etc.....


You bloody soldiers can't be that busy if you have time to write this uninformed crap!
We would be busy if we did not have to waste so much time waiting for flights to get us out to the Gulf. 8)

Although we are paid (poorly) 24 hrs a day, I class my off-duty time as available to "write uninformed crap". This can also count is part of our resettlement training for when we become journalists for the Guardian or Independant. :D

The Snob

'Uninformed crap'? I'll have you know I always wear my uniform in the toilet...oh...hang on....

And you're a guest on this site. Bugg3r off back to www.lazysocialistbast* or somesuch.

And to think we're going to fight this war for you....