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Christ on a Bike! Whatever next - The bloody Mantyhose?

BarkingSpider said:
I can safely say without fear of contradition that I've now seen just about everything.
"Have you ever seen a man eat his own head? "Erm, no". "Well then you haven't seen everything, and neither have we."
Not in a million years. For poofs (sorry Padre), ladyboys and losers. Have been know to wear Mrs MSH's tights under my trousers on those long cold night watches though. :)


Book Reviewer
Jacob1650 said:
They just look like over washed leggings. I'll stick to my fishnet tights, thankyou.

One can over-dress I find. Fishnets gets air to the parts that need them, while keeping that 'rad' look.
Trouble with Many-hose.... if you let loose a really hard log.... then its fairly obvious...... The difficulty is shaking it out down the trouser legs and out onto the pavement....

If its a really baby-wet one, then it might keep these stench in... but, but if your wearing man size Pampers......................gagaagagaaag!!! :roll: :oops:

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