Chrismas Draw prizes

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by defender, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi guy I am after ideas for our Mess christmas draw for prizes.

    What are the prizes you would like to win?

    What are the prizes that every one hates?

    Also what are the differant ways you have seen the draw happen?

    Thank you for any help.
  2. In my personal experience, I'd offer up a pony, AND SOME ******* SPELLING LESSONS.

    Did I just say that out loud?
  3. My apologies. Is this the first time you've been dicked?

    I feel for you.

    I'll PM you with ideas if you want, but you might want to check the Search Function before you hear my warped ideas.
  4. It's not the 1st time Dale's been dicked.
  5. A rubber fist smeared with vegemite.
  6. My last comment may come across as a pisstake, but I've been to plenty of 'dos in and out of the Mess, where that actually happens.

    For the love of all that is sacred, get a decent speaker on the mic, draw say, three prizes, crack on with the 'thank-yous' whilst getting the overworked PEC committee scribbling a list of winners behind the scenes.

    Bods can check the winners list at their own convenience.

    You don't say what type of mess it is but here's a top tip anyway. Keep the participants in the 'Dance of the flaming *********' confined to the corridor, and away from the dance floor. It's not a dance.
  7. Great holiday prize idea: A months holiday for two, one weekend on the Isle of Sheppey.
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  8. Throw in a spot of scuba diving among well-known wreck sites.
  9. Top of the range electrical items especially those purchased from a company with a cash returns policy in place or credit note in exchange for goods.

    Try and purchase items from one particular store therefore increasing the chance of a discount for spending a lot of dosh.

    Obviously, if you are in a predominately AGC unit then go for a gross of vaseline smeared rubber fists.
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  10. How about hiring a professional knife thrower. All the prizes are attached to the rotating board and the winner is invited to strap themselves on it. Knife thrower does his business and whatever the knife lands on, that's what you win. Mind you, I've never won much in the mess, so the knife thrower doesn't have to be that professional.

  11. As I posted it in the Senior thread I did not think I would need to point out which Mess it was for.

    Thank you all that have been sensable with the answers, Still not got anything that I have not seen before well apart from the Knife thrower idea, not sure I will get away with that.

    I think I am begining to know why the prizes are normaly the same, well apart from the star prize.
  12. Hunting Tramps in Siberia. You go off as a fit 6 man team, armed to the teeth with the best modern weaponry and Quads. The Tramp (55 yrs old, Semi-professional Alcoholic, Professional Lay-about, Loser, but not Black) has a 24 hr start on foot in the Siberian forests. You all set out with tracker-dogs, GPS, Google Earth etc and search and destroy. The first one to put it out of its misery gets the USGL ed leg mounted on a beautiful piece of home-grown, quarter-sawn Siberian Larch.

    Its a win-win situation for Squaddies.
  13. Ah I see now... I'm supposed to know that you posted this in the correct thread. Thanks for the criticism.

    Seen it all before as well eh?


    Notice that I sometimes can't be bothered with spaces between words you feckin lazy individual.

    Suddenly lost interest in this thread.

    Have a gleaming party.

  14. With you on this A e M, the lazy, brain dead knob, couldn't be arrsed or didn't have what it takes to think of anything original himself so came on here to get some ideas and suggestions as he was too frightend to try something different and take the risk of it all going pear shaped, then gobs off.

    'Oo, oo RSM Sir, I think my prizes will be the best ever, you will be weally, weally impressed'

    Feckin lisping La di Da Gunner Graham twat.
  15. HHH

    HHH LE