chrisjohn316 and the case of the missing posts

Do you remember that comical Aussie fool who was posting here a while back? well why having a re-read of the Mentally Handicapped Kids thread I noticed all his posts has been edited to .. its like that on quite a few of his posts why did that monumental deluded left wing fool do that? Do you think he saw the error of his ways? I doubt it, the raving left wing gaylord.

Where ever you are chrisjohn316, remember, no matter what you do or where you go you will always be a

especially when he left ALL his personal details on his website, Address, phone numbers , photos and bios

the lot ! :roll:
I've some one do that before, putting up all sorts of personal info. The other day some police kicked down his front door and arrested him.

Turns out someone invloved with soem very shady goings on had knicked his Details...
Gremlin said:
Am I the only one pissed at this time in the morning I am too

Gremlin said:
or is there some very dodgy grammer going on here....hic hic
and spelling!!!!!
BFG 9000 said:
Listy said:
...involved with some very shady goings...
If it was you, I'll buy you a couple. The person who it happened to was a pize one w@nker of a red-neck. One of those tw@ts who supprt the IRA as freedom fighterts struggling for their "God given Right to carry arms."

BTW: on my typing: 17 hours at work, and counting...
He deleted all his posts on all his sites apparently, ever since he did something very bad. If you google him there's something somewhere about his disgraceful behaviour on a christian board. Twat anyway
he is probably in Prison now :lol: getting rough love from 3 big black fellas twice a day in the cells he is sharing with them.

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