Can't post it on where he is attempting to impugn the integrity of the army, so it's here.

You ChrisJerkoff are a fukcing small-minded, shltstabber, who cares nothing for the potential of your posts.
You are a pathetic attention seeking pile of stale sick on the sidewalk of life who can only claim that a dog's loose stool in the gutter is a lower life form.
I would call you a mong, except for fearing to offend the disabled.
If you were on fire, I would only pi$$ on you if I could pi$$ petrol.
You ARE, in fact mentally ill - my guess is five years before the doors of a secure unit have you in their embrace.
You are truly vile, petty, thoughtless & insane.

Do us all a favour & plug yourself into the mains.

You're a waste of one of your mum & dad's shags.
Hey Oddbod, I know why he grips you, but posting like that just excites him... As is typical with people who write inflammatory posts, he's attention seeking, so it's best to leave him alone & not fan the flames. You'll not change his attitude: he doesn't care about anyone else's opinion & feeds on the anger & frustration that his ill-thought out arguments arouse. Just ignore him as you would any other insignificant creature that meanders into your life... :wink:
Odbod, stop being coy. Do you like the bloke or not?
I, personally, like the bloke, I think he's astute, sexy and fact I am thinking of becoming gay so he can be the first to pop my cherry!

So come on folks lets start a Chris's Fan club for this fabulous guy :wink:
I will join the pro Chris fan club. Don’t know the guy or what he has done but if my time in army has taught we one thing then its always side with the majority when mocking another. I say make him a mod and give him to Beeb to use as a sex toy.
Oddbod said:
Can't post it on .
whoops..I have.
Can't we just airmail the mong jiffybags full of dog poo, kippers and other special treats :twisted:


Kit Reviewer


Kit Reviewer
I've just read through those pages & laughed myself off the chair !

My thanks to all who contributed, you know who you are, for showing Chrisjohnrandomnumber the way fwd and for making my day. Wish I'd had time to kick in too.

The Ozjerk seems to have a number of psycological problems, I wonder if he's ever considered suicide ?

I really think he should.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
I almost miss him on here.

chrisjohn316, please come back and post on this site. I really miss being told what to do by a member of civpop, hearing your thoughts on soldiers and opinions on everything from spakka sex to Islamic fundementalists. You must have achieved alot in your short life. I do take you seriously, honest......

Heres to you chrisjohn316
From buggerlugses' website:
"We apologize for any inconvenience.

The upgrade is almost completed and the website will be back shortly."

Bugger :( :wink:

Hasn't reappeared on Mil-photo's though :lol:
Oddbod said:
From buggerlugses' website:
"We apologize for any inconvenience.

The upgrade is almost completed and the website will be back shortly."

Bugger :( :wink:

Hasn't reappeared on Mil-photo's though :lol:
We shall see....... :wink:

Cnuts in the public eye tend to have a limited audience and a short career.....apparently.
Hood - Site Admin said:
It looks like another mod already locked this topic so that takes care of that. As for someone posting your real name, they didn't; they posted an a link to a website that has your name and website on it which is out of our control. The fact that both your username and your website link in your profile both point to the exact same information pointed to in the article surely doesn't show that you wanted to remain anonymous. The fact is, you asked questions in this topic, and some of the users here answered in a direct manner. Sure others went off topic a bit and various insults were thrown around. The fact of the matter is, you asked questions, and they answered. The fact that you then finished up the thread (because it was locked soon after) with those same questions over and over, disregarding the serious answers you were given, shows that you were never really interested in getting an answer, and that you just wanted to cause trouble here which helps no one. If you're looking for an outlet for your cause, you've used this site and exhausted this line of doing so. Either move on to another topic, or another site.
Oh I like him he's good. Can we keep him please?? :D

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