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I suppose that site is slightly flattering..but it's also a little scary for him... all this predatory female attention ha ha ha
Anyhow I'm distancing myself from him now for his own sake..look what happened to the other one (TC) I had my eye on! :roll:
look what happened to the other one (TC) I had my eye on!

Rabbit stew? :mrgreen:


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Ok Woopert will make do with pics of you, just for tonight you understand :wink:
blondebint said:
I suppose that site is slightly flattering..but it's also a little scary for him... all this predatory female attention ha ha ha
This is from The Guardian 24th April

''However far he may be from the green, green grass of home, army spokesman Colonel Chris Vernon has become the British military's Tom Jones. In Kuwait City, Col Vernon has taken receipt of several parcels, all posted anonymously from Blighty, containing women's knickers. There is no word yet as to whether the Colonel has taken to splitting his trousers during briefings, or of any subsequent engagements at The Sands in Las Vegas.''

And from The Sun

''Girls want a propa-gander
Deputy Sun Woman Editor

THEY say girls love a man in uniform. But with Army spokesman Colonel Chris Vernon, the uniform maketh not the man.

Fatigues or no fatigues, he is one damn fine-looking chap.

Women across Britain are falling for the 45-year-old officer during his TV war briefings.

Colonel Chris — as he is known — is the forces’ answer to movie pin-up Hugh Grant.

With his steely eyes and platinum-flecked hair, the 6ft-plus soldier fields media questions with gutsy determination and unflappability.

You can even forgive him for saying “far” instead of “fire” and “ars” instead of “hours”.

Chris joined the Army in 1976 as a second lieutenant and went to the Sandhurst military academy. He worked his way up the officers’ ladder and is now a Colonel in the Queen’s Royal Hussars.

Star quality ... Hugh

The heavy tank regiment has not been sent to Iraq, but Chris jumped at the chance of playing a part against Saddam.

And he had all the qualifications needed, having first acted as an Army spokesman in Bosnia during the mid-1990s.

He doesn’t just look tough, he talks tough too.

Describing the British swoop on Saddam’s Ba’ath Party leader in Al Zubayr, he said: “He’s sitting there in his little building thinking, ‘Great, have a good evening, have a good morning.’ Then, whack, we’re in, whack, he’s out and 20 of them are gone. Just like that.”

But Colonel Chris also shows his caring side — turning his thoughts to our “brave young lads”. He’s genuine. You trust what he says. What more could a woman want?''

The GERMANS even have a Fan Club Website :roll:

Now that IS scary. :twisted:
Managed to access the site at last Lippy, wot's all the fuss about?....still, whatever floats yer boat!


To think that when I started this thread I was only wondering if he was available for dinner! :roll:
Being a fan doesn't keep one warm at night.. I actually find all this OTT adulation decidedly disturbing 8O


I was thinking more along the lines of 'shut the fuck up about him' but I wouldn't be so unsubtle :lol:


spin said:
Dear Blond
you are more than welcomed to enjoy the pictures of a man who would never invite you for a dinner neither to his bed. :oops:
You reckon do you? :roll:
Ok -you go back to drooling in your fantasy land and I'll continue 'never' to be dined and bedded by cute guys.
Sounds fair to me :lol:

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