Chris Vernon and me



After a great deal  of heart searching I have come to realise that I haven't so far made a  contribution towards the war effort.
Therefore, I have somewhat sacrificially, decided that upon his return to Blighty, I will provide a warm and ample bosom for one of our fine warriors to rest and recover upon.
I realised that the demand for said bosom would be high so I put the names of all service personnel in a hat (ok I left Richie's out..there are limits) and a guy called Chris Vernon appears to be the lucky chap...someone be a lamb and inform him.
I Thank you   :wink:
I think I'll send Ms. hurd my picture. i can assure you, you will be able to hear her eggs bouncing :)
Funny how the chicks are all excited about the lads coming home isn't it?   None of us blokes give a monkeys about the 'howlers' coming back on the same plane.  Most of them will just be looking forward to a pie. :D


Glad he's being taken care of  :p  
Ok..The next name out of the hat is..............
I know you care Ma despite the banter  ;D And the pies are well ready in the south west  ;D
Where have you been lately then  ???


That's a crap picture of him... that's his "What do you expect me to look like..I'm having a war here" image. ::)
He usually looks very smart and cute. ;D
I'm 39 for the second year running so he doesn't look old at all to me ;D
Anyhow he's out of the running apparently- he has a woman ::)
Hey ho  :p
So, it would appear that the in thing is overweight, middle aged, Colnels then ladies?  Well, apparently he's gay.  So you'll have to start another thread.


War Hero
No Ma...she is insinuating that you're're just too dense to see it... ;)



Certainly not the case ............. That is just a vicious rumour started by someone that's jealous of the sexual ardour he exudes.

By one who knows! ;)
Oh my word- So sorry about this Christopher dear!  :eek:
We Don't want this thread to provide a headline on the front page of the Sun next week do we!!!  ::)
A change of direction methinks....
errmmm..nice weather for the time of year wouldn't you say?   :p

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