Chris Vernon and me

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by error_unknown, Apr 15, 2003.

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  1. After a great deal  of heart searching I have come to realise that I haven't so far made a  contribution towards the war effort.
    Therefore, I have somewhat sacrificially, decided that upon his return to Blighty, I will provide a warm and ample bosom for one of our fine warriors to rest and recover upon.
    I realised that the demand for said bosom would be high so I put the names of all service personnel in a hat (ok I left Richie's out..there are limits) and a guy called Chris Vernon appears to be the lucky chap...someone be a lamb and inform him.
    I Thank you   :wink:
  2. Why do you fancy him?
    Are you Emma Hurd, Blondebint? ;)
  3. Of course, Lip, you are right. Didn't mean to offend.
  4. I think I'll send Ms. hurd my picture. i can assure you, you will be able to hear her eggs bouncing :)
  5. Funny how the chicks are all excited about the lads coming home isn't it?   None of us blokes give a monkeys about the 'howlers' coming back on the same plane.  Most of them will just be looking forward to a pie. :D
  6. Sorry to disappoint you but last time I saw Chris Vernon he had a long term girlfriend!
  7. Glad he's being taken care of  :p  
    Ok..The next name out of the hat is..............
  8. Gunny Highway, Yeah ! ! ! !
  9. Wankin'
  10. Don't they call them Snickers now? ;D
  11. No way anybody's sticking nuts up my gritter! ;D
  12. OK, just woken up, WHO THE HELL IS CHRIS "BLOODY" VERNON?
  13. Ive searched and searched and al I can find is this old guy...must be a mistake somewhere!!!!

  14. That's a crap picture of him... that's his "What do you expect me to look like..I'm having a war here" image. ::)
    He usually looks very smart and cute. ;D
    I'm 39 for the second year running so he doesn't look old at all to me ;D
    Anyhow he's out of the running apparently- he has a woman ::)
    Hey ho  :p
  15. Oh well, plenty more [​IMG] in the sea