Chris Ryans Elite World Cops

Showing on Bravo starting tomorrow 16th November 2100
Premiere of the gripping series that sees the author and former SAS soldier shadow the world's most remarkable police units. Chris joins the Junglas, an elite police unit that patrols the Colombian jungle in search of coca plantations and the associated cocaine-producing laboratories in order to disrupt the lucrative trade in the drug.
A factual documentary series starring former SAS legend and military author Chris Ryan will headline Bravo's autumn schedule, it has been announced.

The eight-part series, which has a working title of Elite Force, will follow Ryan as he explores some of the world's most remarkable police units. Those featured include Rio de Janerio's BOPE unit, Colombia's Junglas force and the Sunkar special forces in Kazakhstan.

Bravo Channel Controller David Clarke said: "This promises to be a series like no other. Chris is in the thick of the action whether it's rappelling out of helicopters in the Colombian jungle or taking fire in the Favelas of Rio. Chris is a true action man who revels in the same aspects of global, para-military policing as our viewers.

"We're privileged and excited to be working with someone as respected as Chris Ryan and we can't wait to bring this series to the Bravo viewers."

Executive producer Adam Bullmore added: "Elite Force is a great opportunity to take audiences on an exciting journey through the world's most extraordinary police units.
It was on last week I watched about 15mins of it when he did the jungle fire lane and got one of the best ever scores
Gone of Ryan since he started writing luuuurrrrvvvv stories using a birds name
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Mr Happy

Dr_Chris said:
Can you two get a f*cking room, you pair of queers?
arfah said:
For everyone that is wondering what the above two comments refer to, they refer to Biscuits_AB and Werewolf having a slanging match on my forum. I have deleted the posts. And am now off to do something better with my time.

If Biscuits or Werewolf have an argument with anyone else on my forum again I will get annoyed. I have better things to do that worry about two big children arguing.
Can't seem to find it anywhere online, anyone had any joy?

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