Chris Ryans "Elite Forces"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ad4m, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Ad4m

    Ad4m Old-Salt

    Sounds like he's picking up what ross kemp left.
  2. The_Cad

    The_Cad Crow

    the term "Factual" in the same sentence as Chris Ryan does not compute.
  3. I seem to recall that Vinnie Jones has already filmed a somewhat similar theme which is about to be scheduled.
  4. Brilliant.Will the book,dvd,t-shirt,beret etc,etc be available in time for Christmas?
  5. Sounds good for a laugh. :)
  6. SiCiv

    SiCiv Swinger

    It will be great to see how other sneaky beaky troops around the world conduct covert op's in different operational environments !

    Saucer of milk for the Cad's table! :D
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The new reality TV - hard man explores hard places were hard men do theirt hard man thing in a place full of hard, but bad men.

    Let's explore the potential differences in plot: Nope, there are no differences. The modern day 'Book for Boys'
  9. You make it sound like Gay Porn! 8O
  10. PrayingMantis

    PrayingMantis War Hero

    if it's got chris ' i've killed hundreds' ryan, it must be good :roll:
  11. You sir are one cynical fcuker, how very dare you 8)
  12. So not every police force uses PCSOs then?
  13. At long last,my true talent has been spotted.I feel a book coming on.......
  14. Wonder if the series will include SO19...
  15. VarSity

    VarSity Old-Salt

    Is the general consensus that Chris Ryan is a tit? Is he a bad writer or something?