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Has anyone had the viewing pleasure of Chris Ryan's Strike Back series yet?

High-octane action explodes onto your screens as Chris Ryan’s Strike Back finally arrives on Sky1 HD.

Based on the multi-million selling book from ex-SAS man Ryan, this is UK Drama as you’ve never seen it before.

Spooks actor Richard Armitage stars as John Porter, a top SAS soldier who is discharged from the army after a hostage rescue operation on the eve of the first invasion of Iraq goes horribly wrong.

With his life slipping away from him as he plays out his years as a security guard at MI5, Porter is given the opportunity he craves when another, high profile, hostage situation arises in Basra, Iraq, during the second Gulf War conflict.

Seeking revenge and redemption, Porter approaches Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln) – the head of Military Intelligence at MI5 and a former SAS soldier involved in the same operation which disgraced Porter back in 2003.

Porter’s knowledge of Basra, coupled with MI5’s lack of time and options, forces Collinson to send Porter back to Iraq.

Seven years after the tragic events of 2003, does this seemingly broken man still have what it takes to pull off the daring rescue? Can he confront his past and regain control of his future? Can John Porter Strike Back?

Sounds like something for the walts :)


If it's written by the same twat who crayons his books for him, then it's shit.
Mmmmm, Gail Porter...

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