Chris Ryan Sniper School

Yeah I heard thats exactly How "SAS HERO" Chris Ryan learnt his Sniper skills that saved his life during the "Epic" Mission in Gulf War one.

Ryan was part of an 8 man patrol Code named by his commanders as "Bravo two zero."

"Whilst deep behind Iraqi lines i was spotted by a flying dart bored. hearding a load of goats. I fired three shots at him but I believe on some level god didnt want me to kill him. He ran off and called up his boys... A Crack Legion of 23,000 man shaped targets. They came by their doxen but i held them off alone. Lastly whilst escaping to the Syrian border because i'm a war dodging jibber I noticed an enemy circular target that was sniper trained bouncing towards me. I put 12 rounds into him keeping him as airbourne a Maroon beret wallruss (speeling) tash and mutton chop snide Burns. But i eventually got bored and exited the country"

Ryans book about the mission "The Stab that ran away" is available in the shops... Along with other drivel about some geezer who kills everyone n shags the bird"


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