Chris Rock - Black People Vs Niggaz

PandaLOVE said:
smudge67 said:
Have you not seen this before?? It's about a zillion years old.

Chris Rock is very good at stand up.

I'd recommend watching Carlos Mencia though :)

Go here and look at some of his stuff:
:lol: :lol: :lol: Good s***! "He's even got the moves, bam! submission"!
You can download his film somewhere. It's excellent. He takes the piss out of retards so well that I nearly pissed myself.
I reckon Chris Rock is utter utter shit. His routines are so fcukin dull, there is no imagination, its all 'im black and i act this way, and you're white and we are sometimes different' dull.
Ahh, well, I'm starting to get on as they say around these parts. I'm almost old enough to remember when the word "gay" meant "jolly", when the word "nigger" was an adjective and the public were still on the side of the old bill.

I nearly wrote "laughed out loud", but you get frowned upon if you use the LOL expression nowadays :)
Glasgow_Jock said:

One of my favourite Chris Rock sketches.
Yeah, how not to get beaten up by the poh-lease is funny. They should show it in schools in some parts of the UK.
Brilliant! :lol: :D

"You got money? Hide it in a book - books are like Kryptonite to N1ggaz!" :twisted: :rofl:

"Niggaz love to boast about sh1t that normal people would'nt..."

N1gga: "I take care of my kids!"

Rock: "You're SUPPOSED to care of them you dumb motherfcuker!"

N1gga: "I ain't never been to jail!"

Rock: "What you want, a cookie?!"

Brilliant stuff; almost worthy of the late, great Bill Hicks. :worship:

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