Chris Philips RIP

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tiffy_A_Mech, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Only just seen this in the latest Crafty.

    Sad news that Chris lost his fight with cancer at the age of 36.

    I served with Chris in Lemgo on our first posting and we had some good times together.

    He then spent then majority of his career in NI.

    For those that never met Chris, he was a great character, a very talented footballer and the best sparky I have served with...

    What can I say, what a sad sad loss and my thoughts are with his family.

    RIP my friend

    Why do the good always die young..............
  2. They shall not grow old, as we who are left...

    Sorry for your loss. RIP
  3. I also knew chris from our SMC and on a tour of NI. A really nice fella and one who whilst on our SMC would be the last man standing in the NAAFI and still pick up the stretcher as though he'd had a 2 day rest.

    RIP Fella
  4. Knew Chris well in NI... a top bloke.
    RIP mate.
  5. Absolutely gutted, served with Chris and he was a genuinely nice bloke and an awesome laugh on the town.

    All the best mucker.
  6. RIP Mate. Thoughts with your family and friends.
  7. RIP to family and friends.

  8. RIP. Deepest sympathy to family and friends
  9. I too had the privelidge, and pleasure of knowing Chris while at Lemgo. His was a character that was truly irrepressible.

  10. F**k. An absolute gem of a bloke, painted several town's red with Chris. A sad loss.
  11. RIP mate.

    Never forgotten.
  12. RIP Chris mate
    knew him in NI,top bloke :cry:
  13. Sad News.

    Also knew Chris from my Lemgo days.

  14. RIP Chris. another goodun gone!
  15. Condolences to family and friends

    RIP Chris take it easy bud