Chris Paterson calls time on Scotland

Mossy hangs up his international boots.

Scotland's record cap holder and points scorer Chris Paterson has announced his international retirement.
The 33-year-old from Galashiels amassed 809 points from his 109 appearances.
Paterson scored 22 tries, knocked over 90 conversions, landed three drop-goals and kicked 170 penalties in his long and distinguished Scotland career.
He made his debut in a Scotland shirt against Spain at the 1999 World Cup and his last outing came against England at this year's World Cup in New Zealand.
Paterson, who has been deployed at full-back, wing and stand-off by a succession of managers, was the youngest Scot to earn 50 caps, reaching that mark in a Test against South Africa in 2004.
He became the only Scottish player to reach the 100-cap mark after a Six Nations match against Wales in 2010.
What should have been a glorious occasion ended prematurely - and painfully - with Paterson suffering a split kidney which forced him to miss the rest of the season.
Paterson, who captained Scotland on 12 occasions, became only the fifth player to score more than 400 points in the history of the Five/Six Nations during last year's competition.
And his impressive form ensured that he would be one of the first names selected for Andy Robinson's World Cup squad.
In New Zealand, Paterson played in all of Scotland's group games, making it 15 World Cup appearances in four tournaments - another Scottish record.
Following defeat to England in Auckland, Paterson said he hoped to carry on representing his country.
However, the Edinburgh star has been hampered by a hip injury this season, restricting his kicking contribution.
Paterson will officially announce his retiral from the international game at a lunchtime media conference.

On a personal note, having known him since he was a teenager, it has been a great honour to know him throughout his career and to watch him perform at the highest level. Possibly the best Lion never to have been picked.
The comment about never being picked for the Lions is bang-on. How he was neglected (and on the last occasion unfit of course) for so long I do not know.

His impressive goal-kicking apart, he was incredibly quick and the number of times he was the guy tackling back, rather than the wingers, was amazing. He is indeed a "nice bloke" and was an immense influence on Scotland - on and off the field. should have had more caps at ten but that aussie twat williams has a lot else to answer for too!
Cuddles, Creamey and Geech after him, also refused to play him at 10 before the nightmare that was Williams. And of course Frank Hadden didn't help matters at Edinburgh by not playing him there either. When he did get the chance to play there he was outstanding and up there with some of the best.
Shane Williams for Wales, Wilkinson for England and now Paterson for the Jocks, sad to think we wont see these big names in future 6N's "battles"......

Apart from his superb kicking game, I always admired his ability to reguarly dish out "last ditch" try saving rib tickler tackles.


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Even this year, his try saving tackles and general play brought him back into the squad.

Always seemed a genuine guy. A credit to his team.
Always came across as a chap with passion for the game and a (usually) precise hoofing kicking boot.

(Just don't let Peter Dow see this thread. He'll think that The Queen drugged his early morning coffee and her evil agents blackmailed him into retiring)
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