Chris Molyles shows disrespect to VC Winner

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by retired_taz, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. This was in yesterdays "Sun" newspaper.

    "LOUDMOUTH DJ Chris Moyles has risked another backlash from BBC bosses for a bizarre rant at war hero Johnson Beharry live on air.
    Victoria Cross holder Johnson, 31, is currently competing on ITV show Dancing On Ice.

    Moyles told his Radio 1 breakfast show listeners yesterday that the Lance Corporal would be celebrated no matter how badly he performed.

    He said: "It's great that he's alive but look, let's not get carried away.

    "This is a very sensitive subject because he's a hero and you cannot say anything negative whatsoever.

    "The guy could dump in a bucket and hand it to someone in the crowd and someone would go, 'It's a bit odd but he is a hero'."

    Johnson won the VC in 2005 for twice saving colleagues from ambushes in Iraq. He suffered shrapnel injuries to the face and brain.

    Moyles, 36 - whose sidekick "Comedy Dave" Vitty is competing on the ice show - also mocked an injury that Johnson had obtained in training.

    The hero broke his finger when a skate fell on his hand.

    Moyles called the injury "ridiculous", adding: "You're telling me that guy went out to fight for us and came back alive?"

    So tell me, Andy Gray is sacked and Richard Keys suspended for stating - Off Air - that women dont understand the offside rule.
    BUT - an absolute waster like Moyles can be so derrogative about a decorated soldier - one who came through some terrible injuries, not only decorated but also with the highest award for Valour that is possible - and not a Peep out of Auntie about it. - Says it all really.

    Really gets me spitting feathers.
  2. I'm sure Beharry and the dignity of his award are well above what a fat prole on the wireless thinks.

    Outrage bus VOR'd.
  3. It doesnt matter what Moyles says, people dont like him and will slag him off whatever.

    This is an absolute non story and certainly shouldnt be in this forum.
  4. Moyles is a useless cunt and he knows it, it's the cunts who turn on to listen to him that I worry about!
  5. He can say what he wants. Mission accomplished.

    Thanks to those who serve

    Had to google Moyles... ? Didn't know who he is... tosser.
  6. Each to their own Cernunnos, I find him quite amusing though sometimes slightly annoying.

    When I’m older I’m sure radio 4 will start to sound more appealing but until then Radio 1 is for me!
  7. I am sure Johnson has heard worse since breaking his finger!

    Have you noticed the judges squirming when critiquing his performance, get some moral courage if you think he is crap just say so!

    He is still a hero and being on this show will not take that away from him.
  8. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    It comes down to jealousy. Johnson Beharry VC will be remembered long after that fat useless pie eating waister is dead, which must be really annoying for a fame hungry, paparazzi chasing no mark.
  9. Chris moyles you silly fat wanker!
  10. Moyles has always been a boring self opinionated twat, who thinks that what everyone wants is to listen to his boring rants and what he and his suck up cronies have been up to. He is the reason I no longer listen to Radio One. So if you want to show your disapproval of the fat brat retune your radio.
  11. I once attempted to listen to Moyles' radio show. From start for 45 minutes i had to listen to the fat idle dull docile cunt dribble on about making a curry the night before, before he even bothered playing the first bastard tune. If anyone from Radio 1 is reading this, I don't want to hear some monotonous mono-syllibilic feckless moron drone on about fucking trivia like how fat and fucking useless they are and what their spoilt fat fucking kids have been up to, with regards to potty training and eating their own shite. Sarah Cox is another wanker who makes my fucking piss fizz. They should all be fucking raped by a AIDS riddled rhino and replaced with a multitude of Alan Partridge fucking drones. Oh no wait! I think they already have!!! SMELL MY CHEESE YOU MOTHER!!
    Rant Over! (Looooooong night shift)
  12. I hate you moyles you fucking scum! I want to cut your face!!
  13. Can we rename this thread to 'who hates fat moyles and radio 1'?
  14. Its rather a shame he "Moyles" wasn't cut, rather than the World service. Any way who is he?
  15. Beharry must know he's twice the man (not literally of course) than that tubby twat Moyles who if he broke his finger would no doubt sue the BBC for a couple of hundred grand for hurt and suffering.