Chris Martin- Cnut

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IdleAdjt, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. I am completely fed up with this over-opinionated bleeding heart liberal cnut. Not only do we have to put up with his holier than thou cr@p over African debt, but in the last week I have also heard snippets of radio news where he has been doing more "good" work:

    1. A song with blind ivory tinkler Stevie Wonder at a charity bash in New York for the homeless in said city.

    2. Complaining about hoody wearers being vilified by society. Himself, a self-confessed hoody wearer, said that every generation has a fashion that people object to and we shouldn't blame them for the problems in society.

    Not only this, but he played at the "One Big No" anti-war concert in March 2003 and was part of Band Aid 20.

    Where does this pr1ck get off?

    How dare some jumped up little tw@t from leafy East Sussex preach to me about this cruel world.

    I wonder how much money he donates out of Gweneth and his fortune?

    I also imagine that being such a kind hearted bloke, all Coldplay CDs are free to the homeless and people in Africa. Yeah of course they are.

    I consider myself to be mild mannered and open-minded but would love to ram a heafty sized guitar up this cnut arrse whilst he noshes off some aids riddled, debt infested African.

    PS. Oh and his music is sooo depressing. If ever a man needed to relieve some of his pent up frustration into a w@nk sock it is this man.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
  2. He can't be that bad - one of his close relations is a very senior and highly respected army officer.
  3. Burn the fecker

    FS who is he related to then?
  4. Well could you ask that relative to get Martin a good kicking....please
  5. Like the music - not interested in the individual. Ignore him Idle.
  6. Just because one of his kin is in green doesn't excuse his actions. A kicking would be far to good for him. I want to see him really suffer.
  7. He is harmless.
    What I really object to is his bland, dull as dishwater bleatings being represented as the best of British music.
  8. I did like the first album but like you the bloke irriates me something rotten, his wife is even worse, I saw her interviewed and what a stuck up Twat she was, she was on holiday in England and they asked her what she though of our country, and her words were "the Thames smells" I mean come on, yeah it's filth, but never ever have I wandered near the Thames thinkin "ooh that waters kicking up a bit today" dozy Cah.
  9. Appaulingly depressing music, and sh!t lyrics.

    Burn him.

  10. i agree but could have been summed up in two words ....cock knocker!
  11. Wimp rock for w@nkers.

    Like we all give a sh*te just coz he married an A-list celeb. These so called 'rock stars' haven't, and never will have, a fcuking clue about real life....
  12. Fair play, he's bought a Prius and he extensively recycles REM material from 15 years ago. I think it's good to see he's doing his bit for the environment- it might make up for the private jets he's taking around the place. Tw@t.
  13. We should go on a hunt for people that make depressing sh1te music. Take out coldplay, Travis and all those t0ssers in one go.

    Cheesy pop forever.
  14. ^ If we do can we start with Radiohead? After all, excrucitatingly sensitive middle-class cnut Thom Yorke spells his name with an "H" for some reason.
  15. I have never heard of this "person"