Chris Hoy a traitor!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2/51, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Chris Hoy called a traitor to Scotland by nationalists - Telegraph

    Seems that some nationalists have taken exception to Sir Chris Hoy backing the No vote.

    Like a vast majority of Scottish athletes and sportsman, Sir Chis found the facilities in Scotland wanting, so he nipped across the border to train in an environment and facility that allowed him to reach his full potential.

    Some nationalists have even suggested that because he was privately educated (in Scotland), he cannot represent the feelings of "ordinary Scots".

    I am pretty sure if he nipped across to the US to live and train, no one would have an issue, but some nationalists think that living and training in England and saying the UK is better together makes him a traitor.

    Tip of the iceberg or is this rhetoric going to escalate as we get every closer to "the day"?
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  2. Aye wait out for lots oh this pish!
  3. I'm cracking up at the comments, the same type of people are now on the comments page declaring it is the unionists doing it to try and make them look bad, whilst secretly plotting the death of Hoy at the same time.
  4. If you can't make an argument, just hurl abuse at everyone who disagrees with you. Been working great for the Left for years.
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  5. If the jocks were that big tough and hard, we wouldn't have been able to "subjugate" them in the first place.

    Frock wearing whingers
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  6. We'll be fully in to the ethnic cleansing before you can say "Alex Salmond"!
  7. Do the nationalists get all frothy about Andy Murray attending the a US international school and Tennis Academy in Spain for several years in his teens?

    The build up to the vote will be a master class in SNP own-goals and disjointed thinking. They can't even agree on stuff now, come the vote, they'll be bickering like the People's Front of Judea (Splitters branch)
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  8. Regardless of his political views anyone who really thinks Chris Hoy is a traitor to either Scotland or the wider UK is a twat.
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  9. So this is news? It doesn't matter where you are on the political spectrum, Chimps will chuck $hit about. Did anyone expect that the yes/no campaign would be anything other than a full-spectrum, gusset frothing bile fest?

    I hope that the yes camp wins. Purely out of curiosity to be honest. It will, along with Farage, make for a VERY interesting decade of politics.

    I am however, fully prepared to go "Appalachian Militia" for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse.
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  10. Dear God, please please make it stop - another 15 months of this followed by the inevitable" we was robbed" no matter which side wins....
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  11. Those of us closer to the Scottish Border should be allowed to stock up on firearms for the inevitable tidal wave of starving angry scottish people rampaging through the countryside looking for chips.
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  12. Anyone got his accountants number? my taxes need sorting !!!
  13. Of course Sir Chris is a traitor to the Scots.......................

    .......he's a bloody athlete for Christs sake!
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  14. I have it on good authority that, in the event of a "Yes" vote in the referendum, the plan is to deport all cybernats to England.
  15. Which ever side doesn't indulge in the rhetoric of who is a traitor and other such jibes will win the referendum, in the mean time sit back with the pop-corn and watch the Scots nationalists go to depths below that of urban sewage pipes and their Goldfish faced leader throwing increasingly biased tantrums and throwing bribes at the Scottish people - don't worry Sean Connery's taxes will pay for everything - in a vain attempt to get them to vote his way. I guess Sir Alex Ferguson is a traitor too.
    It will, hopefully, all come to naught!