Chris Finney GC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Perevodchik, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. He raises some very good points, particularly about the resettlement grant and transition to civvy street. The disparity between what the Forces get and MPs receive on leaving the Houses of parliament is, IMO, appalling :x

    Edited for sausage finger effect :D
  2. Top man, good luck to him.
  3. Excellent article, Nil Desperandum mate
  4. Good article.

    How ironic that the Americans wouldn't let their pilots appear at court but we have a gentleman who managed to get into the US Defence system and he is being hauled off before a court. I know there are major differences between Matty Hull being killed in Iraq and Gary Mckinnon working on computers but it just shows you how one-sided our "special friendship" is in some cases.
  5. in the friendship, the UK are the 'speshul' element
  6. says it all really:

  7. "Why is there no Minister in attendance when our fallen heroes from Afghanistan are brought home to repatriation ceremonies at Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire?"

    Tell you why mate, because the MoD get told they are absolutely NOT welcome by the bereaved families (I actually put it a tad stronger when I discussed it with our VO :D )

  8. Read more:

    Most probably our fallen heroes families would not want the Government there to pay their respects ,Because of the hurt and distress they have caused them .
  9. Words of praise for a holder of The George Cross are superfluous - words of disgust, sufficiently censorious accurately to describe my revulsion for Brown and his government, are not yet in our vocabulary.
  10. I'm confused. Are you suggesting the pilots should have been sent to prison or that the hacker should remain in the UK?