Chris Davies MEP incites the Cypriots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. He is, by all accounts a complete wingnut, but this really takes the biscuit.

    British MEP urges Cypriots to oppose British occupation
    A British MEP has told Cypriot villagers that they should consider a campaign of direct action against their British administrators.
    Chris Davies is in Cyprus this week to meet with villagers living under British control on their own island. The Euro-MP has called for an end to the arrangements that put 8,000 Cypriots under British military jurisdiction without elected representation.

    Mr Davies claims if the same situation existed in Britain and citizens living close to the American air bases came under the control of the Pentagon, there would be an outcry.

    He said: "There would be mass protests if conditions like this existed in the UK. Cypriot villagers should consider non-violent civil resistance in a bid to draw attention to the current arrangements."

    The Liberal Democrat MEP's meetings on the Sovereign Base Areas follow the arrest of nine British servicemen on Saturday. They have been charged with a variety of offences including GBH after attacks upon local people.

    Mr Davies hoped to meet with British representative on the island but a UK Defence Minister says it would "not be appropriate" for a Member of the European Parliament to meet with the Administrator of the Sovereign Base Areas at the present time.

    Derek Twigg has turned down a request from Euro-MP Chris Davies, highlighting the sensitivities of the presidential election.

    But Mr Davies says that this is exactly the right time to raise the issue.

    He said: "I would have liked also to discuss with the UK authorities the practical issues involved in governing Cypriot people living under British control on their own island.

    "I am interested to know why politicians in Cyprus have raised the issue so rarely that hardly anyone in Britain has any idea at all about the situation."
  2. I would like to know when said MEP is going to man a stag at the SBA after inciting the locals to violence.

    What a total toerag.
  3. He might ask them "What have the Rmans ever done for you?"

    Jobs, law and order (except green jobs), the aqueduct ... etc
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    The Cypriots need the SBAs to support their economy.
    So if this MEP wants the Brits to pull out of Cyprus I don't think the Cypriot Goverment would be very happy.
  5. I would like to know which Cypriot villagers are under British control given that the SBAs are for military use only - the locals who fall within the SBA boundaries are Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus with all the rights and responsibilities implied by that statement. Sounds like facts are being twisted to do some sh1t stirring.
  6. Is he giving that poor cat a good *******? Or is that just wishful thinking on my behalf?
  7. I think presently the Cypriot Government would be very, very happy to see the back of us given that our relations with them have reached a new nadir with our 'accommodations' with Turkey.
  8. Obviously someone with no idea of the situation and just opening his gob without engaging brain. Without the SBAs in 74, Cyprus would now be Turkish with a little corner of it a Greek enclave.
    Hope he's enjoying his holiday at taxpayers expense.
  9. The ROC government see the SBAs as an anachronism and consider that economically they would be better off if they developed the bases for tourism. As for security, the bases didn't stop the Turks in 74 and they wouldn't in the future. However UK interests on the Island are exploited by both sides. The ROC see their continued consent to the bases as playing their part in the GWOT whilst the "TRNC" play on UK's geographic and economic links with ROC to force economic and political concessions. The villagers that live within the boundaries of the SBAs are adept at playing the SBA Administation off against the Cypriot govt and their motivation is usually financial. Chris Davies is just one of many saps that have been drawn into the villager's campaign which is fuelled by anti-British agitators who trace their origins back to EOKA.


  10. seem to remember the only decent road in cyprus are the sba's they are a complete anachronism though the last legacy of empire.
  11. He's a LibDem, so he's probably only interested in ******* it if it's a boy cat. Oh, and if he can get it to cr@p on his chest after. Allegedly.
  12. Another MEP opens his mouth and exudes a crock of shite - situation normal. I would hazard a guess that he was encouraged in his outburst by his fellow MEP Dr Matsakis who is standing for election as President of the ROC. He will gain a staggering 1-2% of the vote - the majority being the un-employed and un-employable living in some of said villages.

    Most of the villagers in the SBAs are hard working people who enjoy the economic advantages associated with the SBA - most of them have well paid jobs for the "hated Brits". Every time there is a vacancy there are many applicants for the post - not that un-happy then. The few malcontents are those that cannot get jobs or have some other petty grievance.

    The man is a Tw*t and sums up the irrelevance in the last statement of his article.

    What on earth is the relevance of MEPs?
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I didn't notice any poor villagers in the SBA villages, and from what I understand Pyla (which is OOB) is also a very nice place although poorer.

    Its true that the ROC would like to exploit the SBA's for their tourism potential, that's because they are busy trashing the rest of the their part of the Island and the SBA are probably the nicest bits of coast left relatively unspoiled.

    Trachoni is the main source of unrest in the WSBA and that's because the SBA police come down hard on the low level criminal fraternity there and are incorruptible compared to the more accommodating chaps at CyPol.

    Good question WTF are MEP's for? Leads to a greater question WTF is the EU for?
  14. Sven - he's one of yours, have a word!
  15. Yes but being an MEP he's probably more worried if they didn't get to vote in European elections what with them being more relevant/important than the locals ones and the EU being the fountainhead of all that is good and official. :roll:

    Oh crap I hope that the Treasury don't notice. Tourism potential, relatively unspoiled coastline, all in a popular tourism destination? That's like waving a red rag at a bull for them. Look out for the prospective plan to see if they can somehow privatise or Private Finance Initiative/Public-Private Partnership one or both the areas into holiday homes and timeshares as a cost cutting measure in the near future. ;)