anyone know how much time off we get at chrimbo???

i start 5th nov. so after the 6 week period when your allowed to go off site.. am guessin i'll have a bit longer than a long weekend..?

Chris_2oo6 said:
yeah thats what i'm expectin mate

just got family moanin at me when i dont know what im doin yet!
Haha, yeah, same for me kinda. I'm not too fussed about it, Chrimbo is not my thing, but parents are like "surely you get some time off?!"
Every Unit will be different depending on committments or training.

I still think Christmas should be about March or April as there's not so many people in the shops then.

Have you been for your brief yet?
I went for mine recently and got a booklet about basic training and it has somes dates in there, it says ive got 2 weeks over christmas, im not banking on it though just in case!
Tell your family that its highly unlikely that you will be home for christmas, they wont be as dissapointed if you dont get it that way mate.
Chris_2oo6 said:
had my brief ages ago mate

just gotta do my allegiance now in 2 weeks

off to catterick 5th nov.
You'll probably be stuck on Guard Duty, matey raising and lowering the barrier and watching all your mates bugger off on crimbo leave... :lol:
For fcuks sake - don't go home, big it up, get drunk & get locked up on Christmas Grant.

It will make the rest of your training very difficult.

Oh - expect a slow workup to the fitness when you get back to camp. NOT!
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