choudhury chap on radio 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stevo42, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Thanks but I'd prefer not to listen as it would only make me cross and spoil my rather nice lunch.
  2. If I burnt a koran I could expect more then a 50 quid fine. The judge obviously should not be in the job...he should be employed as a road sweeper...even then he probably couldn't do that job properly.

    Why is the twat getting 792 off the state?!?! Thats just ridiculous.
  3. Good question. Im guessing he'd be getting around £600 per month housing benefit and the rest would be tax credits and possibly some child benefit? What a donkey.
  4. Well of course as the main religous texts of some 16,576,000,000 people is exactly the same as a charity symbol.

    The guy is a complete **** but maybe if we just pointed and laughed at these ****ing idiots they wouldn't be able to outrage all and sundry.

    A quick sneer and "oh do **** off" when they get up on their hindlegs would be much more effective than showing how useless the justice system is IMO
  5. Does anyone else wish the press would stop giving this oxygen thief air time.
    He is not an Imam or political activist or indeed anyone important he is just a man off the streets with a big mouth looking for attention and the press are giving him just that.
    Its outrage bus rush hour in a number of newspapers today.
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    "F@ck off back to bongo bongo land" I didn't say that it's a quote
  7. Bingo. He's an attention whore who requires a pair of fingers waved in his face and a loud rasberry blowing at the same time.

    I do however echo the comments regarding the £50 fine. Seeing as the maximum fine for his offence is £1000 then Shirley the magistrate should have hit him with a larger fine to discourage this kind of behaviour?
  8. Its a tad more then a charity symbol do you not think. Well, if I burnt a bible, do you think I would get the same as if I burnt a koran? I don't. We all know why this twat got let off so lightly and it is because that feeble weak willed judge was scared he would be called a racist.

    The guy likes the freedoms that people fought and died for, but doesn't like the people who did the fighting and dying. Think he should go through the exit door and live in the place he obviously loves (but just can't face to live in).
  9. If only you were quoting the UK Border Farce's new motto.......
  10. the next time the Muslims Against Crusaders demonstrate i would like to see a mock counter demo. everybody dressed as crusader knights against 800 years of redundancy.
  11. Not wanting to start yet another Anti- Muslim rant one bit. However as has been mentioned upward of this post, and even by the Immam that he was clearly a fringe radical...... I just thought of a word rhyming with banker.
    First he says to the press that it's not to do with veterans from WW1 or 2 then says it is?? Also it is reported that he is fighting for Sharia law over here, also does not see why we should stop his benefits unless we pull out of Afghan??? F**k me silly if it was only gonna cost 8 hundred quid to stop his ranting, let's pull out now right away, quick sharp scary man.....
    How about F**k right off and if you love your land so much do one back to it! He has said it's a shock tactic etc etc , yeah its working 110%. We English/British are famed for our stiff upper lip, but we are also famed for being generally pretty all round handy f**kers. The lack of respect whilst living in this country and taking all of our benefits that we provide is nothing short of total hypocrisy and I'm sure mr allah may not like the lack of honesty and true direction. May all your virgins on your transcendental journey be miraculously herpes ridden beasts from a bad night in the stickies!
  12. Only one way to find out. The Royal wedding is coming up so there will be the odd rozzer knocking about, give it a go with one of each and let us know.
  13. He probably wasn't hit with a larger fine because he wouldn't have the means to pay a larger fine (I'm guessing). The Courts always take into account income and expenditure when fining someone. Fine him too large an amount and it becomes more expensive to administer the instalments. I would have thought that his was an ideal case for a community based punishment as well as/instead of a fine. Perhaps bind him over to keep the peace as well, to ensure he doesn't do it again.