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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ArmyisMyDream, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I've just done my B.A.R.B and all the ACIO'S I've seen are asking me which regiment i would like to join... I have applied for the infantry and my ACIO advised me to join the coldstream guards (his regiment surprise surprise). Now im All for serving Queen and Country but standing around on guard duty outside buckingham isnt exactly what i planned for just wondering what you could tell me about the princess of wales royal regiment

  2. Guards don't just guard outside Buckingham palace they are a infantry regt that also deploy, as Scots guards are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan!! As are other guards regt!
  3. sorry i didnt make it clear in my first coment that i know they are also standard infantry regiment
  4. im joining the coldstraem guards and more often then not there of on tour and exercises just like other infantry regiments. they have a guards/para plattoon you can also join their sniper plattoon. Although saying this my recruiting seorgent is a coldsteamer! But look at a majoraty of regiments and settle were you think youll be happy - go on a look at life course or 2 i went on a couple with the guards - or ask your recruiting seorgent about look at life courses. 8)
  5. Can't go wrong with the Tigers.
  6. Good grasp of the information and the English language there :wink:
  7. lol same thing with me pal, i eventually joined the royal regiment of fusiliers because;

    im a patriotic englishman
    its a versatile regiment (light and armoured battalions)
    local lads mixed in with fellas from around the world
    2battalion are in cyprus ;)
  8. My bold.

    Not for long mate, due back into blighty resonably soon.

    Welcome to the family though 8)
  9. apparently the smoke signals are saying itll be next april, which still gives me a well deserved sunshine break over the winter months lol
  10. All recruiting SNCOs are going to have their own quota of new manpower to draw into their unit and so will be pursuing their own agenda when 'advising' you of the best unit to go for.

    Go for you local infantry battalion if it's the infantry that you want to join, if it's something you've been pushed into by the SNCO in the recruiting office when you could have gone for another employment within the army then have another look. Everyone in the army is a soldier first and tradesman (sorry, person) second. Although, having said that, some of the individuals I have seen during my time in my current role would lead you to believe the opposite were true.

    Think about why you're joining the army and what you want to get out of it while you're serving. Also think about what employment you want after the army as this could assist you in your choice of employment while you're in.
  11. aye, ask yourself whether you can see yourself doing a specific role up until retirement or just as a stepping stone into further things

    ive joined the infantry but its no problem for me because i intend to go the distance. each to their own!
  12. Don't think so mate, June 08 at the latest.
  13. lol them recruiters eh, aaarghh
  14. The PWRR are taking over though, maybe something to think about? :wink: