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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bataz, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Anybody been on a chosen man course?

    I'm currently waiting to start at ITC Catterick on 23rd August. I'm joining The Rifles and thought while im waiting I might aswell take advantage of the chosen man course because it's ran by the rifles. Anybody else been on this course?
  2. Yes, I went on this down with 4 Rifles in Bulford. It was pretty cold though!
    I'll do a write up when I have time if you're intrested?
  3. Yes mate that would be good. I will be going to Edinburgh 3 Rifles.
  4. Okay, when you read this remember it was a while back (at least 4-5 months ago) and some things may not be exact. Don't take it as gospel, I'm sure a few things are different up North or have changed.

    I went up to 4 Rifles, Bulford as I said earlier. That's because I come from London. So when I arrived at the train station we were all picked up by minivan. First thing we did when we got to the barracks was we were put in a room outside the NAAFI and told to amuse ourselves for a while whilst they picked all the other people arriving at different times.
    Once everyone had arrived, we got taken on a quick tour of the barracks before some food. Food was suprisingly good, don't worry about that. After eating we had a lecture about what was going on before we were packed back on the mini-buses and driven to the seperate camp where we would be sleeping.

    The accomadation was no means a five-star place, we divided up and put in cabins, I was in a 20-man room although not all cabins were that big. Every man got a camp bed and a sleeping bag (bring your own if you want, although it's a bit more to pack). Icebreakers and then lights out at 2300, but there were some w@nkers (not literally) who kept the cabin awake until about 0100.

    Next day, up at about 0600 and a quick shower and other admin (if you were quick enough, some people took AGES and some just didn't bother) and we got minivan-ed back to barracks. Breakfast was served and then we went out with some of the troops to watch them do various things (ie. camoflauge, contact drills, medical drills).
    After this (this lasted a while, lunch outside on the field) we had a PFT:
    2 min Press-ups and Sit-ups followed by a warm up and 1.5m run. Some people had obviosuly never ran more than 20 metres before as there were a lot of times around the 13 minute mark. Suprisingly (or not!) most of the lads coming over 13 minutes were the one s aspiring to the SAS, and a few the SBS as we found out over the icebreakers!

    After the PFT, a quick shower and change of clothes (oh yeah- make sure you bring a change of clothes with you, I had forgotten to bring an extra T-shirt and as it was POURING down during the run I had to do without for the rest of the day - luckliy I had a hoodie).
    Then some dinner and another lecture (basic Rifles info, plus some on the weapon systems) before getting back on the minibus and to accomadation.
    Lights out at 2300 but again you were lucky to get to sleep before 0100. Bring earplugs if you're a light sleeper.

    , up at around 0600 again and quick wash/admin before breakfast at the barracks. On the minibus for a trip to the Rifles museum and then up to Winchester (I think?) where we did some sports, namely football. Shower and back to barracks for dinner, then off to acconadation for bed.

    Thursday, up at around 0500, pack up and a quick breakfast at barracks. On the minibus (for a while this time) for our trip up to Catterick. On the road for most of the day but we stopped off at ADSC Pirbright for the Physical tests (Back extenstion, heaves, jerry can etc. No 1.5m run). On the bus and driven the rest of the way to Catterick.
    Once arrived, sandwiches and crisps for dinner before bed. Smaller rooms here (about 10 man per room but mine only had about 5). Sleep.

    Friday - last day, up at around 0600. Wash, pack up and breakfast. Got on the bus and drove up to the ITC bit of Catterick. We got a tour of the ITC here, was very intresting. Had a packed lunch in the Beharry Building where we stayed for a while. Reports were handed out before going down to watch some Rifles (and a few other capbadges) pass out. Then onto the mini-bus to be driven down to Darlington station where you would catch whatever train you needed to. End of.

    As I said before it's not all exact. Any questions?
    Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for that, sounds pretty similar to ADSC apart from visiting catterick and watching the troops do drills.
  6. No problem. It definetly convinced me to join the Army, as if I wasn't convinced enough before. Good luck at ITC and be sure to update on your progress!
  7. Yeah i will do, im presuming that i wont have much time during CIC but ill update as much as i can.
  8. I'm going onto Chosen Man 2 w/ 4 RIFLES.
  9. The barracks will probaly be empty, they're going off to Afghan soon aren't they?
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