Chosen Man week

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Nanny_Annie, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. My son is going on a chosen man week - Feb 14th, anyone else going the same week? and what exactly does "chosen man" mean ? thanks
  2. Chosen man is a rifles brigade thing. Use google for more info
  3. ok will do - thanks
  4. Or hire some Sharpe DVDs
  5. Sharpe DVD's ? where from ?
  6. Please tell me that's a windup?!
  7. well, the only Sharpe I know is a film with Sean Bean in it - so if that is not so, what is a Sharpe DVD ?
  8. Chosen man is basically see if the army is for you, and if you are for the army. Good luck to your son, if he makes it he will be joining one of the finest regiments of the British Army.
  9. thank you soon-to-be-civvie- he is very keen to get into the army, and has been for a long time, good luck to you too
  10. Brilliant - thanks for the link :)
  11. Can you volunteer to be a chosen man?
  12. i don't know Bootifull, he has been waiting for his ADSC date, when the Army office rang up and told him that he was going to a chosen man week instead.......
  13. I must admit, I read this and thought it would be about a back-to-back Sharpe fest on TV!
  14. Well not having ever watched Sharpe, i am not sure what the similarity is to be honest ! !