Chosen Man week

My son is going on a chosen man week - Feb 14th, anyone else going the same week? and what exactly does "chosen man" mean ? thanks
Chosen man is basically see if the army is for you, and if you are for the army. Good luck to your son, if he makes it he will be joining one of the finest regiments of the British Army.
Can you volunteer to be a chosen man?
i don't know Bootifull, he has been waiting for his ADSC date, when the Army office rang up and told him that he was going to a chosen man week instead.......


I must admit, I read this and thought it would be about a back-to-back Sharpe fest on TV!
Anyone trying to go rifles must go on a 5 day chosen man course and on their course report be found suitable to go rifles......this is normally prior to adsc and additional to all the other selection criterias is for the applicant to see what the rifles are like but if not found suitable by the rifles must go another cap badge or have another attempt
I went on a 5 day course at a rifles camp under the bridge from England to Wales and it was great. I had to do it to get a fitness report to get my adsc deferral lifted and although it wasn't as hard work as ADSC it put my confidence up for passing a hell of a lot more.

Basically just had talks and presentations on certain things, fitness assessment, did some drill (had no idea what I was doing), team tasks and fitness. Made me know I definitely wanted to pursue the army as when I went to ADSC last time I let my head drop when they shouted at me. Whereas when they shouted at me on this I just kicked the aggression up a notch and pushed to see if I could get a good effort from them.

Loved every second of it, even getting woken up early to clean for an hour or so.
thanks for that Greenie777 - at least he now knows what to expect........ did you get to go into the Rifles in the end? and how soon after the weeks course did you hear back to see how well you did?

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