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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mullet_Hunter, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. I know I shouldn't really be reading the mirror but "know thy enemy etc"


    Nov 29 2004

    RAF 'copter pilots get sex change..paid for by MoD

    By Nathan Yates Exclusive

    TWO RAF helicopter instructors at the same base have had sex swap ops - paid for by army chiefs.

    The male squadron leaders, both married, are now called Sue Brown and Toni Dewhurst.

    The pair, back at work after each had £30,000 surgery, wear female uniforms and insist on being called Madam.

    One officer said: "Dewhurst used to have a large moustache and they are quite burly types. Neither looks too feminine.

    "Brown throws a wobbly if anyone calls her Sir. Both are very prickly about it.

    "They have families and I'm not sure what their wives think. By and large the men just get on with the job. But it can be difficult not to find it amusing."

    Sue, the more senior of the two, is an ex-Phantom jet pilot while Toni used to be called Tony. Photos of them as men and as women adorn the walls of RAF Valley in Anglesey.

    An MoD insider said: "One RAF officer who wants a sex change is rare, two on one base is unprecedented.

    "There are bound to be questions over whether the MoD should be funding this."

    But an MoD spokesman said yesterday: "Gender reassignment is a medical matter, so we provide support in the same way as with other medical issues."

    More useful uses for MOD cash :roll:
  2. theme from the dambusters spring to mind?
  3. Gender bending not just for the REME then.

    An excellent use for puiblic funds, nearly up there with breast enhancement.
    Wonder if any REAL male has had a penis enlargement.(stop laughing at the back) Seriously!
  4. Don't need the enlargement, mate - I make up for the other Crabs that have had theirs removed! Ladies, form an orderly queue!
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I want to put in for an extension - on my modest home, and my reason is that more space will allow me to think more ideas for other useless - sorry useful contracts or medical issues that MoD will pay out for.

    And there are vets out there literally fighting for the proper medical treatment for their injuries.... tsh tsh tsh :? :? .
  6. Indeed, but that doesn't fit in with MoD's PC Diversity programme. They even pay people to promote this nonsense. From MoD's website:

    No mention of making sure the fundamental medical needs of the military are safeguarded.

    I wonder how far I'd get if tried to 'appropriately challenge' the stereotype MoD seems to have of people with PTSD as having nothing wrong with them? As I do not fall into one of the minorities the MoD seems to value so much, can I now claim to be part of an oppressed group?
  7. VB, that makes the blood boil (another unrecognised clinical condition, perhaps?)
  8. Viro - I do (fall into one 'minorities' I suppose), and IMO they still don't give a sh1t.

    Had to laugh at that piece from MoD's website - I have come across some right brown nosed ba$tard$ who get away with the most bollocks - people 'getting' jobs despite having this 'fair competition' malarky; those with (how can I say this....) 'formal charges of the sexual deviance' suddenly walking back into jobs - not a word or statement issued; someone with a genuine mental illness of a lower grade given fcuk all help and had to seek it elsewhere....yerr right that's showing balance my arrse.

    I'm just lucky that I have had little personal experiences of this crap myself.
  9. "I'm a LA-DY!"

    "I do LA-DIES THINGS!"

    (see another comedy-related thread)

  10. i hear ya, only i was thinking more monty python....

    mental images of michael palin and john cleese in uniform pmsl
  12. BLMF? Big, built like a brick out house, pony tail? Yeah I saw him/her too. Couldn't quite believe it, but it seems to be a growing trend in the RAF...