Choppers, AAC School of Dancing & Fighting

Own up ! who actually danced at choppers, Sigs perhaps? mincing on the dance floor, Us bowser Mongs were chatting up tankie slags who came up from Tidworth when hubby was doing what tankies do! Andover Whores who loved it. such apity that one of the only decent things that the AAC posessed is no more.

Certain types of NCO thought that all Airtroopers were fresh out of the box and a bit soft, but found out to their cost and facial appearance after that some of the intake were" Ex Marines & Ex Para reg.

Training wing NCO's will fall when Hit!

Sigs chat up line, Hi Girls, i can wire batteries together.
Aaaaaaaaah, Choppers ! The memories flow back. First visit was first week of September 1986, on a Wednesday night. The training wing Cpl was in full swing next to the dance floor, fighting with another JNCO ! The place was packed with moose's from Andover, and us lot, fresh from basic. If you went in on a Saturday night, chances were the place would be full of pads wife’s or local slappers, plus most of the lads would have gone home for the weekend. So you just didn't need pulling power !! Even Quasimodo’s brother Fozzie could pull ! Had many a good night, even got caught in the block by Cpl Lee Be*ts with an Andover slapper I met in there that night. Has anyone got any photos of the place?
Yes, Gunter i remember Lee B*ets, did he request a " twos up ", if you can describe the wench, I ve probably been there she was doing the knockings in sept 1995.
late 94 or early 95 i think. what an establishment that was. pity we dont have anywhere like that anymore
Remember it well:

Dodgy watered down beer.
Dodgy food.
Dodgy women.
Dodgy music.
Dodgy building.
Lots of scraps with the REME
and a bloody good laugh mostly, in fact I remember having one of my 2 stag nights in there.

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