Choppers 1987

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GingeG, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Anyone remember the Choppers 1987 - 1988 season?

  2. Why? Was it school disco night?
  3. I wish!
    More like grab a great-granny / pads wife nights!
    Im sure there are many here who will remember the great old days of post dated cheques and wearing the funky kit bought only that day from the "Man at Cookhouse"!!!
  4. No ! Why 87-88?

    But i do vaguely remember the place called 'Choppers'.
    Glad to see you back and try to ignore 'The Choppers' on here.

  5. Ginge, why are you answering yourself with a different username?
  6. Choppers? Rugby team?
  7. Rumbled, nice one Flash
  8. I aint arcid, I can assure you of that.
  9. Rumbled ??? I think not !

    I can assure you, i am Spartacus and not GingeG. (I don't p*ss my pants),
    and i am far better looking than him.
  10. 1987 Nay, but remember it when it was Tactics Wing, before it opened as a pub in 68.
  11. I was there the night "Ox" ate ten glasses and seen off the Gurkhas.

    And by the way I mean "ate" 10 Glasses!!!

    Any other tales pf legends?
  12. OOps I feel like real Nig!!! :(
  13. Yeah Me too, but where do you get one this time of day ?
  14. Pads wives from Tidworth doing the rounds....I was caught shagging one in the Hedge...and there was this ropey bint who took me back to her place in Andover "for Coffee" could we forget choppers eh