Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by zippy_07, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. somone has to of seen this, Its many great Quotes such as, Reporter - " So what did you like about cutting peoples toes off?" Chopper -"Well I dont know, I just like the way they POP off" are used alot down my local and many of my mates who havnt seen it want to borrow it so they can be "in" on the pub banter!

    So anyone seen it or read the books? (half way through chopper 2)

  2. Sorry, thought this thread was about CRmeansCeilingReached...

    But yes, it is a bloody good film. I love the casual way he talks to his mate who is stabbing him.

    "What you doing mate?"
  3. Bit early in the morning for kung-fu isnt it jim?
  4. Haven't read his books, been to Bo jangly's or however its spelt.

    Very amusing black humour film.

    Chopper to copper "Why would I shoot Nevel fcuking Bartos then drive him to hospital, I ask you". Classic! :)

    Edited for typical mong spelling

    Edited to add not universally loved in Melly from what I remember.
  5. Funny when Chopper, flops out his 'Chopper' in the bar and keeps swinging it in plain view of the bird. :lol:
  6. Not the film but funny anyway Chopper
  7. lol brilliant