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Chopper shot with own minigun

General Melchett said:
Looks expensive.

Which country, type of aircraft etc etc.
It's a Blackhawk, and from the look of the uniform of the geezer sat hidden (and wouldn't you hide in these photos!) in the first photo it's US Army.
northern_warrior said:
wonder if they get charged per round for an N.D? Or get a gong!
Well he had several confirmed hits on an aircraft...... that's medal awarding effort for the SPAMs and they don't usually worry too much with what they hit belongs to :oops:
northern_warrior said:
wrong my good man they only get the promotion an an accidental kill :D bored of blue on blue with us, the guy was trying to take his own pilot out 8O
Ummmm NW...... if that was the case then why would he be shooting to the rear of the aircraft? As you look at the door, the pilot would be sat to the right :roll:
Corporal said:
You guys b*tch when we shoot you, you b*tch when we shoot journos, and you b*tch when we shoot ourselves! Cut us some slack! :D
Nope, you deserve it. Cant take the heat, jump in the Pacific. Tough at the top (We know, we were there for several hundred years you young upstart!!) :wink:

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