Chopper? Define!

OK i'll spell it out iff you call somebody a chopper what does it mean?
i'm not trying to waaaah you, just not good at army slang.
Your 'chopper' is that thing which dangles between your legs. You know the thing you fiddle with while having fantasies about Anne Widdicombe.

A 'chopper' is the member of a five a side footie team who specialises in sliding tackles.
Ok chopper came from along line of chinese whispers of theacknowledged inventor of the flushing toilet mr crapper~ hence reference to willy~prick,penis etc called chopperbecause they did not get his name right...
I believe that the chopper to which our friend, Bennet refers is one notorious 'Chopper' Reid a so called lovable villain, 'I only ever shot bad guys" who in fact lives just around the corner from me in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Became famous for cutting off his ears in prison with a razorblade in order to make a point. Has found recent fame as the auther of a childrens book called "Hooky the cripple" or some such.

Indeed the avatar for Bennet is a photo of Chopper himself. Not the sort you want to upset.
Incorect! tha avatar is a pic of actor Vernon Wells who played the character Bennet in the 1985 film Commando. He played the bad guy to Arnies Matrix.
Errors all over the place here. Mine first. You are quite right Bennet the avatar is not Chopper Reid although a close resemblance. Flashy, you are also incorrect. That is a picture of Eric Banner who played Reid in the film Chopper.

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