"Chopper" Ace?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by John_Jorrocks, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Quote: "All along, she has had the full support of the RAF. Sue has since married again – as a bride instead of a groom. She said of her husband: “He is as straight as they come and I had to tell him about my past.”

    Judging by her picture he's blind as well.
  2. Can anyone cut and paste the piccies so I don't have to sully my computer by going on the Scum site?
  3. Trust me he/she/it is no Fl Lt Michelle Goodman DFC (the hottest chick in a light blue suit!), so you're missing nothing!
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  5. Chopper ace ? more like ace chopper. Is the pic in the sun before or after ?
  6. Could be that is why the Sqn Ldr is wearing the flashlight on the helmet to dazzle any would be admirer. Call me old fashioned but this may be perfect reason not shagging up the chain of command. Does any one have any pics of her in normal civvies, maybe a bit of leg and heels??

    Extract from the Scum
    Sue, based in London, was posted to Iraq last June and was responsible for all air movements in and out of Basra.

    She said of her RAF pals: “I have never had any abuse. I have been judged on my ability to do the job – not whether I’m a man or a woman.”

    Air movements and no abuse? - ah but the good Sqn Ldr didn't ask the army as I have yet to hear a squaddie to speak well of an RAF air mover
  7. Told you she was no Michelle Goodman....

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  8. "She" is still more of a looker than Legs "the bloke in drag".
  9. Christ, it looks like that centre back that keeps getting sent off in Mike Basset England Manager.
  10. Not a 'mover' - when they say 'air movements' they means as an Ops officer. Movers might get on everyone's t*ts, but we have yet to have one of ours pay for their own set...
  11. Chopperless Ace?
  12. No matter how hard I try, I can't stop looking at that Adam's apple.....
  13. So how many bandits do you have to down to become an Ace?
  14. I was working out there at the time - it was a dead giveaway!! :eek:

    There were also quite a lot of stories going round.......but I couldn't possibly say what they were.... 8O