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ChopGear roadtests now up... please criticise to fook, boys


Jeremy Clarkson watch out. My sexy sister Shan (please to comment) has completed so far 11 road tests of a catholic selection of cars from Ford Fiesta to BMW 7-Series.

We (Shan and me) can't wait to hear your enlightened, down-to-the-earth advice and reviews.

Chopgear page marked clearly in my site with logo:

For ChopGear movies please visit via my site here, as ChopGear page is designed for java pop-up window, opened with code that I have no idea if will work here.
Jesus Christ!............there,s two of you!!!!
Whats your sister selling........ 8)
Quick question: given that the young lady here is playing on her oriental background in writing with chinese type English grammar, would that actually make her name 'Ring' ?
well, i'm out of the sister buying stakes.... too damn beaucoup....
Does she like party? Does she go boom-boom with soul brother? Go party with me and my friend for 10 dorrar? :twisted:
I give you fifteen dollar,and i go first........Deal?

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