Chop Sockey Champions

The recent shutting down of the Gym Shortt thread elsewhere got me thinking about the ultimate Jap slapper and his cinematic doppelgangers

Who ranks highest?

Bruce Lee has to top the list, of course.. then, IMHO, its Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Sonny Chiba, Tony Jaa, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme...hell, I'll even concede Bolo Yeung before I ever let Steven Seagul get added to the kung phoooey brigade..

Hard pressed to find a suitable 'distaff' candidate, though.. except for Cynthia Rothrock who had a high kick that both scared and impressed..Not too sure as to her bonafides as a woman, however, as she walked like she'd been riding bulls all her life and no matter how flouncy the dresses and skirts and cleavage revealing tops they stuffed her in for the movies, she still looked like a downmarket tranny bar type from Thai country...

Ong Bak II is out on DVD in the Walmart dumpsters, but I haven't seen a good Kung Fu Film on the market or in theatres in a while.. and don't suggest Jackie Chan's latest remake of Karate Kid ..that's the usual crap and unworthy of such a master...[ oh, age and infirmity takes its toll and, of course, the paycheque probably wasn't too shabby for him ]


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Rocketeer said:
Hard pressed to find a suitable 'distaff' candidate, though..
say what ?

Lucy Liu

Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi

Kira Gracie

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