Choosing your route

If this is a complete ******** question then go on, stick the boot in - no amount of slagging will beat the time I had to have an emergency circumcision. 8)

I've tried to do a couple searches about the process for selecting your 'route' within the army but I am finding nothing. I seem to recall reading a thread where it was said that post-selection, you are given a list of options that you could be considered for based on your performance (as different roles have different 'requirements'. Is this correct? Or is whatever you put down on your application final, and if you don't meet the particular requirements for your route, you are deferred?

It may seem as though I'm asking because I'm as of yet unsure of what I want - I guarantee I wouldn't be sending my application off if that was the case. Curiosity really.

Cheers in advance if anyone can help, or direct me to a thread I might have missed.
Hello mate,

Good question, well presented.

When you apply you'll have 3 job choices on your application form. Obviously the job/role/capbadge you put in the top will be the one you want more than the other 2.

When you go to ADSC, provided you score correctly for your first job choice and there are vacancies then you will more than likely get your first choice. I'm sure i don't need to explain what happens if you don't etc.

Now if you pass, your recruitment office can get a print out of the jobs your eligible for with your ADSC + Barb scores if you really want and there isn’t much (other than more admin for your recruiting Sgt) stopping you requesting one of those jobs instead.

However it might reflect badly on you being so unsure of what you want to do! Then again, it might not!

Hope this helps


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