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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. Mentioned a slot I could go for (and TA boss wants me to do it) and her indoors is behind it (cause it wouldn't be Iraq) plus I could talk work around to the idea (cause they could plan me being away)

    One question, does me doing this stop the brown envelope turning up out of the blue for a few years?
  2. You don't say whether this is FTRS or mobilisation. If FTRS, you could still get a brown envelope. If mobilisation, you would probably be OK for three years.
  3. Mobilisation part of the ARRC deployment
  4. Voluntary Mobilisation kept me away from Iraq for 3 years, even when I wanted to go with my mates...
  5. Anymore info?

    Is it a cushy number and are there any other vacancies?
  6. Dunno for sure, will try to find out.
  7. Forgive my ignorance, but are ARRC off to Kipling Land?
  8. Thats what I thought? Which is why I wondered why anyone would want to go there?
  9. Wake up and I find I've been inventing ARRC deployments to Afghanistan.... the wonders of beer. :?

    its been mentioned on here in a number of threads, not sure if its true
  10. If thats the case why aren't being pushed to do this for Telic? It makes so much sense

    1. Employers can plan for your absence (and more likely to support you on it)
    2. You can plan for it
    3. You can plan your career around it.
    4. Arrange to go with your mates etc

    Must be much more. Doesn't the National Guard know when they area up for deployment (they know for nearly a year beforehand?).
  11. Its true if you volunteer, you are treated exactly the same way as the brown envelope gang (same regulations etc).
    Speaking to civvy boss tommorrow, hopefully will gain some support
  12. The magic word is mobilisation, FTRS and other non mobilised options don't seem to count. I volunteered for a couple of weeks on fresco and ended up doing 6 months last year. I thought that would exempt me but still got the brown envelope this year, fortunately I have an "understanding employer."