Choosing Training Date ?

I plan on joining the British Army or doing my Phase 1 training after I finish my current apprenticeship in engineering. It’s important for me to come out of this job and into a secured salary as I have bills that need to be paid every month. I plan on finishing my apprenticeship in July 2020.
My question is- Can I start my application now, hopefully pass the assessment centre and then tell my recruiting officer that I cannot start my phase 1 till after July?

Any help would be appreciated.

That’s absolutely fine and the earlier you start the process the smoother it should go. It is your decision as to when you want to start.

Just a note of caution, some trades have less start dates so you may not match perfectly with your preferred start date if you select a trade with infrequent Trade Training courses.


Mate i would start the application process early as possible and you can always say you want to wait they wont mind and the process can take longer than you think
As is for the RAC at least the soonest start date is march time roughly

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