choosing the right rac regiment for sports

Discussion in 'RAC' started by fencing_sabre, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. im into my fencing and im doing my basic in march for the kings royal hussars, but ive been told to do more sports its best to be in a recce reg ? could anyone give me some advice on this
  2. fencing -what chainlink-wood or barbed wire.
    royal engineers also do a bit..
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds like someone is trying to poach you from the skipping chickens.

    That said, from the regimental website it looks as if team sports are more their thing. Then again if you promote fencing long enough, you might get the regimental medal.
  4. Or stolen goods, he could be a Pikey trying to get at the regt silver. On a serious note, I think you find the bunch formaly known as the ACC had all the fencers :D
  5. That's funny I thought it was the Warsaw Pact...............SU24 :? Okay I'll get me fcuking coat!!! :D
  6. The KRH have a chamber pot that might be worth nicking. Belonged to some French gimp.
  7. Spotter :D
  8. And they knicked it too, start of a long (Scouse) tradition, so if you want to fence for Scouse and wear pink, er sorry, crimson trousers, KRH might be a good choice...

    Good luck and enjoy, you're just about to embark on the best years!
  9. It was'nt nicked so much as found. Quite legit I might add. Spoils of war and all that.
  10. join the regiment you want to FFS, sport is (or should be) secondary.
  11. Good job Bonnies horse didn't have hubcaps then.... :D
  12. What the FCUK do the KRH have to do with my fine city???? :x

  13. woah i just wanna know what reg is best for sports thats all, but if a there all the same then im gonna join my local reg which is the krh, thanx anyway
  14. Actually thats what I was thinking, but I didnt want to offend anyone from the fine City of Liverpool. KRH do not actively recruit from there, and never have. The 14/20th were Lancashires own, better people than I can argue whether that includes Merseyside.
  15. Liverpool was indeed a Lancashire city up the creation of the vile Merseyside and Greater Manchester etc. I consider myself a Lancastrian as that's the county I was born in but as you say, 14/20H were never a Liverpool Regt. I suppose they had a few if the bods wanted to join a local cav Regt but usually it was 1st Tanks.

    I really threw the spanner in the works by electing to join QDG!!!???