Choosing the right job?

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Hi guys,

I've been looking into joining the Army for a while now and the other day after reading up for god knows how long I decided it was time to visit my AFCO and have a chat for real, after all there is saying and there is doing! The recruitment guy was very very helpful and I feel I learnt alot about the process and it also confirmed to me it was best with my grades etc. that I should join as a soldier rather than officer (they are good but not good enough unfortunately).

I got all the forms and a few booklets too and he told me to fill them in and return them, but I wanted to ask on here for a little advice and information on what the best role for me would be. I've narrowed it down to the choice of:

RMP - Policeman
RAC - Tank crewman or Sniper
RE - EOD Bomb disposal engineer

These are the four that I would most prefer, I know the latter is a dangerous choice but to be honest it doesn't stop me wanting to do it. Any information on day to day activities would be much appreciated for these as it would help me weigh up my choices a little better! Negativity to a minimum please if possible :)

Thanks in advance,

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