choosing signals units

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. its the old drama, when asking a person from a specific unit what it was like you will always get a mixed message. usually left with a shrug and "yeah it was toss"/ "ace on the piss" summing up a 3 year posting. a posting can be down to alot of factors.

    obviously people change and rotate. so any hard times you had with people dont really count. what i am essentially after is what the UNIT is like, what the job is like and also the lifestyle. its essential that outside work should also be considered when choosing a posting. it can be the best job in the whole world but being stuck in commcen outer hebrides might not flick your switch.

    iv heard that brigades in germany are the bread and butter stuff. lots of armour lots of work and you really earn your promotion.

    bearing this in mind what are other units like... whats the pros and cons of a LSR signal squadron, BDE or DIV etc etc blah blah

    arrse is the portal that can bridge the gap and finally give a better answer than "yeah it was ******* ****" and maybe inspire people to put in for a posting they might actually like!

    ...thats if they can actually get thier choice from thier ppp! :thumleft:

    its just a thought and only started this because i get all my info on other units from dissaffected people who have signed off!

    cheers, EWK
  2. You must be joking EWK. Maybe a decade ago, armour was for winners but now it's the poor cousin that gets all the good stuff last. Have you noticed that people who get sent to Armd Bdes on promotion are usually off reserve lists and given that as their ONLY option. All others (i.e. the real high flyers) go to proper Regts because they know the propects for promotion are better. Who in their right mind would go to 4, 7 or 20 by choice for CAREER reasons? Perhaps they like the Germany lifestyle, LOA and they have a kraut frau or fraulein in tow, but the eqpt is in dire contrast to the Corps shiny adverts for people to work at the cutting edge of NEC and all that gucci stuff.
  3. point taken cardinal. i have worked on armour and maybe its in its dying stages, cold war era stuff. but will we use rolling headquaters in the modern battlefield?

    in that case what IS the future? falcon units?

    it also throws up the question of how much are rad ops within the corps used... i spent most of my time on armour moving ptarmigan handsets instead of doing vhf/hf comms.
  4. As long as FALCON can provide a bearer for ARRSE, job done. :wink:
  5. for morale reasons im sure it will not be possible... too scared of the revolution!

    any other royal corps members have any opinions on units?
  6. Oh I dunno, I've seen it over Cormorant.
  7. I always found the small specialised units good.

    Esp those with very few Signals RD types in them.

    One unit I was in had a TOT for an OC, a FofS and about 12 Techs of varying ranks.

    It was fcuking mint!!!!

    Sadly it has been disbanded.

    Likewise any post in which you are the only RSignals rep are generally good, esp if the other capbadges have no real idea what your actual day to day job is.
  8. hope armour isnt all that bad a i have just put in for 7 and 20, as ive only got armour to complete the set lol!!
  9. What trade are you, though? It can be ok for some trades, but a pointless waste of time for others.

    I have to totaly disagree with the pump you wrote about going to a sh ite in my opinion. I have served in 3 brigades in Germany and there is no where to hide, no place for slackers they are easily found out not like in a big Regt, they hide everywhere. The Regt I am serving in now carries loads of wasters, and its meant to be one of the BIG units. As for CAREER reasons in a brigade, again I disagree, loads are promoted at brigades look at every promotion board for proof, the crap about reserve lists you wrote is total BO LL OX. Anyway just my thoughts on the matter.

    You ever served in 4 7 or 20 ?
  11. OK, I wasn't entirely fair, so I accept that. I totally agree that wasters are easier to notice in smaller units. But it's still true that the gucci new technologies comes to the Armd Bdes way way after every one has them. For those reaons, it's also true that certain trades are less in evidence at the Bdes, for obvious reasons. I was also a little unfair on the 'reserves' bit (I was just being gobshitey) but I'm sure if you asked a high flyer if they wanted to be RSM of somewhere like 30 Sigs or if they want to go to an Armd Bde then they'd choose the more visible unit, as it has a CO who carries a lot of clout on promotion boards and those biggie units still have their reputations. Regarding promotion numbers, you may be right - I dunno the stats really (again being gobshitey) - you got any useful stats for us?


  12. found this, very brief, isnt it! based on 2005 structure

    1 Sig Bde Germany Supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) taken over by 22 sig regt
    2 (NC) Sig Bde Corsham HQ Mainly TA, national communications during contingencies
    11 Sig Bde Donnington HQ 1,000 Regular and 2,500 TA personnel, communications for JRRF
    3 (UK) Div HQ & Sig Regt Bulford Divisional command and control communications
    2 Sig Regt York With 11 Signal Bde, currently equipping with Cormorant system
    10 Sig Regt Forming To form part of 2 Sig Bde
    14 Sig Regt (EW) Brawdy Electronic Warfare
    15 Sig Regt N Ireland Command & Control communications
    21 Sig Regt (Air Sp) JHF Communications for the RAF Support Helicopter Force and AAC Apache
    22 Sig Regt Forming Falcon Communications
    30 Sig Regt Bramcote Strategic satellite communications to Land & Joint Task Forces
    1 (UK) AD and Sig Regt Germany Communications for 1st (UK) Armd Div HQ and Bdes
    7 (ARRC) Sig Regt Germany Part of 1 Sig Bde, supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
    16 Sig Regt Germany Part of 1 Sig Bde, supports Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
    11 Signal Regt Blandford Training Regt, responsible for Phase 2 and 3 signals training
    Queens Gurkha Signals Various Support 2 Gurkha Inf Bns, 2 and 30 Sig Regts, and others
    209 Sig Sqn Catterick Independent Sqn, supporting 19 Light Brigade HQ
    213 Sig Sqn Lisburn Independent Sqn, supporting 39 Infantry Brigade HQ
    215 Sig Sqn Tidworth Independent Sqn, supporting 1 Mechanised Bde within 3 Div
    216 Sig Sqn Colchester Independent Sqn, supporting 16 Air Assault Bde HQ
    228 Sig Sqn Bulford Independent Sqn, supporting 12 Mech Bde HQ
    238 Sig Sqn London Independent Sqn, supports London Military District
    242 Sig Sqn Edinburgh Independent Sqn, supports Army in Scotland & Northern England
    261 Sig Sqn Aldershot Independent Sqn, supports 101 Logistics Bde HQ
    264 Sig Sqn Hereford Independent Sqn, supports SAS
    200 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 20 Armd Brigade HQ
    207 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 7 Armd Brigade HQ
    262 Sig Sqn Germany Independent Sqn, supporting 102 Logistics Brigade HQ
    628 Sig Tp Netherlands Independent Tp, supports AFNORTH HQ
    CCU & JSSU Cyprus Cyprus Communications Unit and Joint Service Signal Unit
    JCU (FI) Falklands Joint Communications Unit (Falkland Islands)

    not that many when you look at it like this! :)
  13. Brigades are the way ahead! Regiments are fine like everything else in life its what you make it if you are inclined to shirk work there is plenty of hiding places in a Signal Regiment however there is no room for excess baggage in a Bde SigSqn, Just my take on it.
  14. Even fewer bearing in mind that some of those units have shut down!!!!
  15. yeah iv heard alot of people say things along those lines. can make or break you.

    can work both ways, can get noticed for being crap but can noticed for being good in a bde.
    in a regt it can be hard to get noticed for good things.

    anyone care to comment on the new 22 sig regt? as the corps new toy i want to find out more about it... the 22 sig regt topic hasnt had much news recently.