choosing signals units (V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Then noticed this on Signals forum

    choosing signals units

    Realising I had similar thoughts and acted on them a few years ago, moving from a REMF unit to a 'teeth' arm signals unit (ok we work with infantry but from nice offices in regional Bde HQ). Its a lot better, work with modern comms systems, have customers giving us problems but ... I actually enjoyed being under canvas, getting cold and wet. Awaking in the middle of the night and getting my switch bitches to launch a counter attack .. it was fun but I like the geeky side aswell.

    Where is the one Army concept when u need it, why can't I do both like a regular? Yes guicci units exist but their all down South (ok I know thats not entirely true.. I have had a couple of PMs trying to subvert me :thumleft: )

    I do miss the days pre SDR where I put the 352 on me back and lived under a poncho/canvas
  2. Who you calling a REMF ? :threaten:
  3. alright RCZEMF's .....

    Says someone in a UK roled unit
  4. Whats up polar, not doing ARRC this year?
  5. When is a 2(NC) unit going to have to defend a comms site at a Bronze, Silver or Gold HQ exactly?
  6. Hmm two weeks in the field and putting a loop on the mux was the most technical thing you do :frustrated:

    No but its soldiers when mobilised may have to, I just think they need exposure to the bigger picture and its fun!

    Oh well, back to ICS.... UNICOMs just shut down and JPA is still go live 1st April
  7. Defense of a comms site is useful from a training point of view... provided you've got and am trained on the kit that makes up a comms site!

    All our kit seems to have been either sent out to sandy place I or II, or its been backloaded. No Kit = no need for defense IMHO.

    Anyone elses units suffering from a distinct lack of kit? Or is our unit a one off?

  8. 2(NC)'S role is pants, some of us are luckier though.
  9. Maybe if the bronze is located in South Armagh...Go 40........LOL
  10. Maybe if the bronze is located in South Armagh...Go 40........LOL
  11. I don't think you can forget it as an aid for retention. We spent camp last year supporting a missed bag of theatre troops units all under command 8 Field Eng Bde. We deployed without webbing or rifles, many other units didn't. We spent time off shift watching the Arty practice doing section attacks, ambushes etc. Also heard talk of other units doing beach assults, heli assults etc. Our guys just stood by watching other units having fun.

    We just manned COMMCENs and generators

    Oddly enough, we lost several soldiers to the LI when we returned. (Saying that it was far more interesting/demanding than supporting regional bde)
  12. Isn't that just what TA Sigs do on ops anyway?
  13. Not entirely sure but in Iraq, sentries etc was done by TA Infantry. Sigs were going out doing patrols, top cover and also manning defences. Their is a RSigs lessons learned from Telic somewhere, its forced changes on Cpl&Sgt CLM courses.
  14. Not where I was last time out :batman:
  15. ^It must be a northern thing, although I remember trying to transfer files between TN's (and remembering what we did at work many years ago and this being presented as a major advancement)