Choosing regiment/unit?

Hi im in process going to my afco but wanted a heads up before so know more specifically what to ask. What im trying to find out is can i choose what unit i want to join? Im looking at the infantry and call me pussy whipped whatever but for the misses to agree and support me she wont move further than x distance
from where we and our family stay. My first choise was tank crew/recee but as far as im aware theres not a unit nearby (glasgow) after thinking the dragoon guards was as the british army website says,
If you ask your RSM nicely and explain you have a girlfriend. He will post you to the careers office in Glasgow for 22 years. He will understand you dirty porridge wog.
We have a kid and at some point getting married, just needs to be reasonable distance that she can see her family and vice versa if she needs to ie getting placed in england. Maybe someone browsing the joining up section is willing to give advice..
We have a kid and at some point getting married, just needs to be reasonable distance that she can see her family and vice versa if she needs to ie getting placed in england. Maybe someone browsing the joining up section is willing to give advice..
I don't think the Army is for you.
Without wishing to sound harsh Rob, if you think you can join the Army and always serve within a given distance of a preferred location then you're deluding yourself. You can express a preference of postings and even register one negative choice (ie somewhere you definitely don't want to go) and these will, where possible, be taken into account. Ultimately though, the Army will send you where the Army needs you, if your desires conflict with the Army's then yours will go out of the window.

Regarding the girlfriend issue, forget it - without a wedding ring on her finger, most units will not even acknowledge her existence. It's an old fashioned, discriminatory attitude but it's the way things are. This isn't to say you should go sprinting off down the aisle, I'm happily divorced and live with my girlfriend in a privately rented flat at around 3 times the cost of a married quarter. Girlfriends and the Army can work, but it's far from easy at times.

I don't expect this is exactly what you wanted to read, but it's best you approach this with your eyes open rather than naivety.
I understand you can be moved where needed can live with that its the initial posting after that can be stationed in germany for all i care. The plans to rent outside before marrying for sake of married quarters. When i say kid i mean baby (7 months) i know it wont be easy at all
I think I agree with the other posters on here. I'm afraid the Army, although they will try and accommodate your preferences if they can, will ultimately post you where you are needed. You should already know where your basic training is going to be and your trade training if that is what you are going to do. You will be separated during the training, you should factor that in straight away. After that, a certain amount of posting will be available and you will be sent where you are needed. If this fits in, all well and good. For example, (I know it's a long time ago) but I asked for a UK posting at the end of trade training for your same reasons but without the sprog. Only 4 of us finished the course and there were 4 posting needed in Cyprus. Bye Bye girlfriend! (Actually it wasn't quite like that as we got married 3 years later and we went to Germany together followed by 24 years in overseas postings so it all worked out quite well).
marry her,join up and get as far away from glasgow as you can..

doesnt matter what you join, just think long and hard before you make that choice...think of what YOU want to do when you leave...
Most of the replies look harsh but are spot on, if your thinking of joining the Army and staying in one location think again. The initial training will be hard and you wont see your family for the first 7 weeks and then may get posted to the South of England, even then you may find that you dont get a MQ straight away if married. If single especially if only a young lad straight out of training your CO may not give you permission to live out so even renting close by isnt an option.

I get this kind of question a lot and to be honest if you came into the ACIO to see me Id be saying theres no point joining until you and your partner realise what life will be life, seperation is a massive part of Army life.
Right i understand cant get the unit you want due to op req so would my local afco be able to tell me if for example 4th or 5th battalion are more likely than 1-3 (royal regiment of scotland) or is the regiment itself also dependanton op req? If i know the score i can sort shit out whether need explain/discuss/tell im 25 now and its been something ive always wanted with several obstacles in way so its now or never and it will happen. And regarding basic training and being away thats not an issue its just knowing the score with relocating if its a gamble so be it ill deal with that if it happens
There's a good chance you'll get 1, 2 or 5 SCOTS by the time you're half way through training if you're applying now as 4 SCOTS won't be needing bodies (they finish their tour in October / Autumn some time and current training platoons are being channeled into 3SCOTS now for their up & coming summer tour). It's all down to operational requirements though - I got 4 SCOTS myself as a potential BCR but luckily my mrs is happy to come to Germany with me (God knows why she wouldn't be - cheaper booze, petrol & within good reach of most major European cities) - it's quicker to get from Fally to Glasgow than say from Canterbury or even Catterick.

I'd grab Germany with both hands tbh, it's only open for a few more years, & I'd pick a job choice that you actually want to do rather than what suits your mrs who has some ridiculous expectations.
Ok cheers so have you just finished basic and got to germany? If so did your co give you immediete permission to live outside barracks ? Im just going for it and if see where i end up ill deal with it when it happens! My cousin was in the argylls and spent some time in germany unsure with different unit or what but loved it. Is there much civvy work there without knowing any german? Im assuming limited to on site work like naafi?

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