Choosing Regiment/Corp

I was recently wondering, when joining up, i heard that your job is based on your BARB test result? or is it your individual decision? the only reason why i ask is because there are many roles i am interested in.

The BARB won't tell you which role to go for it will only show you which jobs your eligible for, if you get a high score then it wont narrow your options for you at all. The highest score you need is 60 for RMP so get over this and you can do anything as long as you meet the other requirements for the role.
What roles are you liking? You choose 3 roles when you apply anyway.
I am liking the REME as a VM as thats what i do with them in the TA. Also the intelligence corp as operator intelligence, or the royal artillery. So mixed really. Would joining a large corp such as RLC have a negative effect on your career opportunities?
If you go to your local office start the application, do your BARB I think the highest score you need for them is 55 for the op int. They will then discuss all your options with you and give you magazines and printouts of the jobs that interest you. They also give you a printout of all the jobs you are eligible for and you can see which roles the army wants most and the next available dates for the roles.
Okay. thanks for the information. I am going to go when i finish my last year at school, how long does it take to get to your phase 1? roughly a year, shorter?
Is taking anything up to a year to get from first interview to phase 1, if you're sure it's what you want to do, then might be worth starting the process during your last year.
when i did my BARB they sat me down and told me what Regiments/ Corps, i can join and the List of Trades i can do..Then a breif Explanation what the Regiment Does and the Trade. :)

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