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Hi all,

I'm about to start my UCAS application for uni and am intending to join the OTC during my degree. However, I'm having a bit of trouble shortlisting my university choices so I thought I'd consider what the OTCs' were like. So can I have your opinions on which OTCs you think are the best...

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Ah, but do the Universities all have the same:
Reputation, quality of life, student union, student accomodation, nightlife, shops, pubs, clubs, tutors, friends, etc. etc. etc.
The list goes on.
You should not be basing your choice of Uni on the OTC.

(Unless it's London, and clearly the best.)
As wg100 says look to the course first - then other issues such as the uni itself, availability of accomodation, cost of living and pretty well everything else. That will whittle you down to a couple of places. We're not trying to discourage you but as a former OTC member, who later helped another one with its recruit selection, I know that plenty of keen young students (a) fail selection; (b) find something more interesting to do when they arrive. Don't rest your decision on one thing that it, after all, tangental to the reason you're gonig to uni. Depending on where you end up, it may also be worth looking at the local TA; plenty of my soldiers went to uni and often found that the local battalion was more what they were looking for
well im firmly believe one should choose which uni to go to based on the city within which it is located.

no one *really* enjoys uni so you had may as well go and live somewhere for 3/4 years that is actually a nice place to live. i recomend edinburgh or durham or other similar places of history and cracking architecture, and esteemed nightlife..errr..maybe not durham. :D

and OTCs are pretty much the same, you're gonna make mates in either, the banter will be equivalent and drink is pretty much the same price.

what else is there to consider? :eek:
I'm ex-ULOTC so I'd say London :wink:

London as far as I know is/was the biggest OTC in my day. Does that equate to them getting a bigger range of activites? Talking to a lad recently who was at a Welsh one, I *think* London sounded like it had more companies after it's basic bit. Infantry/arty/engineers. Dunno - never went to another so I can't compare. I guess most people are in the same boat here.

Two bits of advice...

A city university anywhere is going to have less of a "student life" in my opinion. Rather than ending up in the student union as there's nowhere else to go, in a city you've got better places to go. Hence you loose some of the "student" experience. This is a bad thing... supposedly.

Be aware OTC can become your student life. Do join something else at the university - chess/flower arranging/rugby team. A) It improves your social skills which any officer needs B) you meet more people you want to 'do' things with C) stops you becoming Gavin from the Office. D) Allows you to keep focus that you are doing a degree and that needs to come first.
I agree with Carodoc.

First off, campus universities are fine in so far as everything is there, downside is nothing you do can be kept secret. City universities offer the chance of a bit of anonymity and also, because you are living on your own in the big wide world rather than in a house jkust off campus, you grow up a lot faster.

A degree is a degree is a degree, unless you are doing something vocational. Inn that case opt for the best iknstitution you can - a first from the University of Chipping Sodbury won't be worth as much as a 2:1 from a top tier institution. No-one gives a fuck about what you did or what you got after your first job anyway, but they do take notice of where you went.

As for the OTCs, London is the biggest and best (so good on certain "para" officer has never left from the day he was an undergrad,he was a 4th year JUO when I was in Athlone so it must be good!) in terms of the quality and diversity of training though.
Fecks sake just give him some feed back on which OTC's are full of knobs, which have a good reputation etc

Question is simple enough
Tayforth. The girls are all slags and the blokes have got faces like shovels, you'd be a king amongst men if you have two eyes and can pronounce your name without checking what your mum has written inside your pants. Dundee Uni is of course the greatest Institution in Britain as well. It offers a good mix between a campus and a city university, the student halls are good, the union is good while the novelty lasts and the quality of teaching and sevices is excellent.

The downside of course is that it's in Dundee.
Tayforth is full of Oxbridge rejects - which might or might not be a bad thing.

Glasgow and Strathclyde were on parade the other week - and looked absolutely lovely. Not that I'm biased. Good mix of public schoolboys and locals, too.
gobbyidiot said:
Tayforth is full of Oxbridge rejects - which might or might not be a bad thing.

Glasgow and Strathclyde were on parade the other week - and looked absolutely lovely. Not that I'm biased. Good mix of public schoolboys and locals, too.
yeah that's what you need, weegies on parade :wink:
arby said:
gobbyidiot said:
yeah that's what you need, weegies on parade :wink:
I feel oppressed. That's like...........weegie-ist.

GSUOTC - the band were the banned. The part of the brain needed to play bagpipes really well is obviously completely untouched by alcohol. Or, come to think of it, blows from a blunt instrument. :D

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