Choosing between these two regiments is to hard !!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Question 1

    How did you choose your regiment because i just cant do it, i cant decide between 1 rifles or 2 para, ill tell you my cirumstances and thoughts so that you can correct me if im wrong and make it easier for you to help me choose ...

    2 para :

    - The elite
    - Less ceremonial duties than rifles
    - First to be deployed
    - Easier to access UKSF(I think)


    - Barracks in Essex, Oh god !!

    1 rifles :

    - Commando training available
    - Closer to home
    - Wide range of roles in 4 battalions (I think)


    - At a disadvantage compared to paras if applying for SF (I think)

    for some reason im scared im gonna regret whatever choice i make, if anyone has any tips for choosing and any other facts that could help my decision. Thanks in advance.

    Question 2

    Oh and for some reason in my mind i belive that i would achive my full potential more in The Rifles than i would in the paras because the paras are very popular, therefore giving me a greater chance of being overlooked in terms of skills such as NCO qualities etc. Can you tell me if this may be true or if it is just my wrong opinion. Thanks.
  2. Whats all the talk of sf? Get into the army first. And anyway, there is no advantages or disadvantages for ANY unit in the armed forces concerning sf. If the individual has the right frame of mind he will go and do the course off his own back, nothing to do with what unit you are from.

    I'd say join the paras for the unit pride and history - and the right to call everyone else, including your parents, "crap hats".

    Q2 - It is true to a certain extent. The paras have a much better selection of blokes, because of the arduous training process, the better ones make it the rest fail and join units like the rifles etc :D . Anyway, if you have outstanding qualities you will be noticed, and it is always better to earn recognition through hard work due to the competition. Or you could join the rifles and be promoted because you can spell your name and know that 2 and 2 make 4. 8O
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, im really swayed towards the paras. The only reason im thinking of SF is just for the sake of knowing if you know what i mean, thanks again ScrewTheNut.
  4. 2para = jumping out of planes, being the first in there... with the commandos following them claiming they did this and that when it was the ELITE not the wannabe's who completed all the work,

    rifiles = on the ground and are just ANOTHER infantry group :)

    you can tell i support paras, lol

    p.s. half of the SAS are ex paras, 8)
  5. Royal were first in afghan and iraq, lets not forget.
  6. So why are you so in favour of the paras ?? just wonderin like.
  7. royal? na im pritty sure it was the paras who went in and cleared the area for the rest of the infantry to come through


    Because my farther was an ex-para, :p
  8. I think you'll find that a lot of "Them" are ex Green-Jackets (now rifles) too.
  9. So what were 1Para doing on Telic 1?
  10. Didnt say they werent there, but 3 brigade definately went in first
  11. 2 para - jumping out of planes right.
    few and far between

    SF well its good to have aspirations but first like your man said get in the army first

    Personally SF is great its robust role and endless in what you can learn.

    If your joining 2 para im sure you have to serve so long before you can apply so dont see why you dont just go for 1para(sfsg) where you dont have to serve a period time.
  12. Into the Al-Faw peninsular yeah, in first by how long, minutes/hours?
  13. Copters go faster then boats :D
  14. Why not try and get on a "look at life" or whatever its now called with both The Rifles and the Para's then make your mind up?

    At the end of the day, it dosn't matter who you join, as long as you give it 110% at all times, and make the most out of belonging to the best Army in the World.

    Me, im ex LI, so I would say Rifles.
  15. the Royal Marines are wannabe's? It might be a good idea if you did a little more research on history and current affairs before you go making such comments. Of courses there is always banter between Para and Royals - but usually between the chaps serving (or ex) in either regiment who know what they are talking about.

    And whilst I'm at it - "just another infantry group" - I'm guessing that you don't know their history or what it is the infantry actually do.

    Just another infantry group! these days :D

    :roll: ....walks away muttering in search of wine.......