Choosing Battalions?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crass, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. 'Ello everyone.

    I've been interested in joining the army for a long time now, but specifically wanted a role in REME (Electrical). So I've been asking questions everywhere and looking stuff up about it all and just had a question about Battalions.

    Can you choose what Battalion you go into if you get through or is it chosen for you?

    Also, is 7 Bn the only one that can do P Coy / train with PARA in?

    And is there a thread where I can see what all the acronyms you guys use mean!? Get quite confused at times haha.

    Sorry if these are dumb questions.

  2. Try here
  3. The only free choice you have is to join the Army. Once you have done this, you can ask them to post you to anywhere you want and they will studiously ignore you and post you to where ever they need you to be. Sometimes, this will coincide with your request; Mostly it will not.
  4. You can do P Company at any unit. As for REME Battalions, do not be so quick to jump on that ship. Try and get yourself a couple of LAD's first. My view may be a little dated but in my experience, young Cfn coming out of REME Bn's are lacking tool time. Good luck and welcome.
  5. Some very jaded opinions on here so far.

    You can do P-Coy/Cdo Cse from any unit with the hope of securing a posting to one of the in-role units. Easiest way is to get posted to an in-role unit of which there are a number for both disciplines.

    MCM Div (our Human Resources centre) will try and post you where you would like but they must man every unit and the needs of the service come first but generally they will accomodate your desire.

    I too agree that the best place to start is an LAD as you can make a name for yourself more easily and I personally feel that whilst life is busier it is far more enjoyable.

    Welcome (in advance) to the Corps.
  6. Thanks for the replies.

    What's a LAD?! Couldn't find it in the Arrse dictionary.
  7. Light Aid Detachment. Every unit in the Army, from the SAS to the Vetinary Corps, have an LAD. Its what's called a first line unit, REME Battalions are second line units.

    They are much smaller than a Battalion, typically 50 blokes headed up by either (typically) a Captain and an Artificer Sergeant Major (WO1) or an AQMS (WO2)
  8. I see. So what do they actually do different from REME?
  9. Sorry fella I'm assuming to much knowledge - my bad. They are REME units manned with REME tradesman but they are attached to other arms and services (known as capbadges) in order to provide them with say to day REME support.

    I wouldn't get too worked up about the different aspects of Corps life just yet. A lot wil become clear whilst you go through training.
  10. Okay, mate. You're right about knowledge, I hardly know anything about it! Cheers.
  11. Crass, try popping down to your local Armed Forces Careers Information Office and ask for some information on the REME. If nothing else it will give you a bit of low level information from which to ask questions.

    Good luck!
  12. If my memory serves me correctly the 2nd tour craftys who had been at battalion for their first 2 yrs had so much tool tiome that some of them had become tools themselves. :lol: :lol: Unless they are no longer under the guidance(mis) of junior REME officers.
    8) 8) 8) 8)