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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Artaxerxes, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a final year History student who is interested in becoming an infantry officer or an intelligence corps officer. I had a really good chat with my Army Careers Advisor this week who will soon put me in contact with the Mercian regiment for a visit. However, my heart isn't set on any particular infantry regiment at the moment, so he suggested the Mercian regiment simply because it recruits from the place I live in (by the slimmest of geographical margins).

    May I ask from your experience what sets each regiment apart and what interests, personality traits etc they might look for in a potential officer? My ACA told me that his old regiment was 'traditional and paternalistic' with regard to how its officers related to their soldiers while The Rifles, for example, were a bit more like older and younger brothers because of their skirmishing past.

    Ultimately, the Mercians might be a good match but I'd hate to waste their time if that doesn't prove to be the case, so any advice you could give me will be very helpful.

    Finally, should I be worried about joining a regiment that will be assigned to the 'Adaptive Force'? I'd really like to go on tour where the infantry are put to the test, but the description for the Adaptive Force makes me think that some poor soldiers will spend their careers teaching Achmed how not to blow himself up in some banana republic.

  2. I am certainly not in a position to give meaningfull answers but welcome to ARRSE!

    Somone with a brain will be along shortly!
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  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    The Mercians will have one Bn in Bulford (AI) and one in Chester (Lt), so both adaptive and reactive catered for. As a 1st Bn man I can heartily recommend the Regiment. All 3 forming regiments were straightforward, no-nonsense types, with no airs and graces and a healthy relationship between the ranks.

    Re: the adaptive/reactive force; I'd put a small wager that it'll be the lighter, cheaper forces that'll get deployed on such foreign adventures as UK PLC sees fit to be involved in post HERRICK.
  4. well if you like history PWRR is the way forward ( oldest English regiment of the line )

    = Coops now takes cover =
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  5. If your choice is other than the Royal Welsh you have no taste.

    I await the regulatory whingeing...
  6. But ultimately, you will only find out if they are a match if you go and meet them! First port of call is to try and get an interview with someone at Regimental Headquarters if thats how the Mercians do business, then get on a FAM visit or attachment with them, experience mess life and meet the officers and soldiers.

    That's how you'll find out if you are suited to them!
  7. Thanks for the welcome and replies so far. I'll certainly bear that in mind, Napier, as 1 MERCIAN is the battalion I'd most like to meet because it recruits from my area.

    As for the PWRR and Royal Welsh, is there anything in particular that the officers within each regiment have in common with eachother? I once saw a Royal Welsh soldier on a BBC documentary eat a raw leak, so I dread to think what your officers do!

    I agree, Switchback, but there's only so many visits I can make between now and selection. I'd like to narrow down my options if I can.
  8. Either go with your "local" Regiment, or the Rifles if you're a bit cleverer - ignoring the Rifles now isn't the Light Division I joined and has "local heavies" on board now.
  9. At least with the Royal Welch, you get a funky Flash to wear and a keen sense of smell to help locate the Goat Major.
  10. A raw leek? wow, you should have seen what he gromfed when the cameras were
    turned off.

    Those of a weak disposition....................................join the REME!
  11. RAF Regt every time , almost special forces and no mindless bullshit to put up with.
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  12. Rifles, if you're up to the challenge.
  13. FFS!
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  14. Special in that they take a short wheelbase LR to work in the morning