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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by countrybear, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. First visit so please bear with me.
    I keen on joining the TA and have looked at most units in my area and various websites about units further afield.
    I am more than likely going to try to join a unit within the RLC, but do not know which one as yet.
    I was hoping that someone could give me some real info on the trade of Pioneer within the RLC. What is the trade training like and how soon it would take before you were able to volunteer for tours etc,
    I am/was also interested in the trade of Vehicle Specialist however have been told that this trade may not be around for much longer, has anyone any news on this.
    Any info from those that really know about the above or indeed any trades within the RLC would be greatly appreciated.
  2. VS is still around, and will be for the forseeable. There was a section came to Canada to discharge the boat.
  3. Hi Country Bear. I suggest before you choose a Regiment or Corps, you decide what job you would like to do as the Army/TA covers just about everything.

    Meanwhile, heres the RLC TA Hyperlink.
  4. Appreciate what you are both saying.
    Trouble is I will be a late joiner --43 years old now and not getting any younger. I am fairly fit but need improvement. I want to chose a trade that will not take years to learn as I wish to be able to volunteer for ops sooner rather than later. So you see picking the right trade is very important. Have trawled all web sites etc but the trouble with these and any literature that they send you is that they are by their very nature going to give you all the good points --what I am after is reality from those who know.
    Pioneer interests me from an entirley selfish point of view in that I would not mind learning some construction skills in bricklaying, concreting etc.
    Veh spec interests me as I see it as a trade that will give me most driving qualifications ( again very selfish of me I know).
    So any good or bad points any one has on these trades will be greatfully recieved.
    P.S. I have also been told by an ex T A bod that the mobile laundry job is a good one to get into! Any views.
  5. fuck being a chunky. Go Tank Transporter.

    The slogan is "be the best" afterall.
  6. chunky is probably the best way for you to go if you are after the trade type quals (bricky etc) but they have a rough ride with all the mondane type stuff such as putting up barb wire / guards and all the other sh*te no one else wants to do. A lot of Pioneers are transfering to Driver as it is more rewarding especially on Op tour. Tank transporter is O.K for driving a big truck but allways on drag and long long sloooooooowwwwwww driving from location to location are all the cries of fed up tank transporters.

    choose wisely and i would suggest the Engineers for those more specific quals you are seeking and they also drive many forms of transport too.
  7. Fucking awesome for driving a fucking big truck would be more accurate.
  8. If you are 'fairly fit', you will be fine. Many moons ago, I did my 2 week basic at Grantham - run by the RLC - and physically it wasn't difficult. At least 1 recruit couldn't even complete the 1 1/2 mile run without stopping to walk, and they still passed.
  9. Thanks for that.
    As i say i am fairly fit so that should not be too much of a problem.
    I am a bit concerned about the medical though. My BMI is too high and i dont know how strict the doctors are on this. Working hard to lower it .
  10. ive just got back from a weekend with the RLC TA in grantham and it was pretty fun, not my kind of thing though i wanted more signals stuff.

    the basic training is part 1a, 1b, B and C
    then trade training
    trade is usualy chosen on recruit selection weekend

    i met some pioneer guys while i were there and they were crazy scotsmen who loved digging holes in the ground to sleep in for weeks on end
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    That's a standard line that people get fed at Grantham ( the RLCTA HQ).

    Back in the day, the laundry sqn was seen as a good number because they tended to deploy anywhere the Reg went - so got to go to Gib,Cyprus,Germany etc. you also had to speak fluent Scouse.

    I suspect that in the current climate, this may be less advantageous - unless back to back Telic/Herrick appeals ?

    The trade I picked was fun but a very narrow specialised role - which meant that ex-Regs with the skills and experience were likely to pick up rank quicker.

    168 Pioneer Regt seem to spend a lot of time doing stag and QRF role these days - if you're a builder by trade why are you looking at RLC ?

    Royal Engineers have a TA Works Group (113 STRE ? ask a Sapper) that goes all over the place BUILDING stuff.

    ....and on the age thing, I had my 40th birthday on my selection weekend - and my 45th on my MPC course :) ( and I could STILL run the pants off some of the lolloping 24 yr olds....)

    JFDI mate ( but why be a chunky ?)

  12. Lots of time in Canada.
  13. Thanks.
    I am not a builder by trade. I am civie police,--was thinking of joining RMP but thought that would be too much like a busmans holiday. So decided to join and learn something that could be done sooner rather than later, just seems to me that something like pioneer or veh spec could be the thing. Dont want to spend years training before i can do my bit about volunteering etc. If i was younger would look at more complicated trades but as i aint it is the quicker trades that i need to look at.
  14. Country bear.
    Before choosing a unit, you have to look at factors such as how to make it work for yourself.
    If you work awkward hours in you civvie job, then your best option would be to look at the R.L.C based at Grantham.These units only have to do a minimum 19 days a year,2 weekends and a 15 day annual camp.You can do more if you want though.
    If you do choose one of these units then look at time and distance you would have to travel. Again this could,could not work in your favour.Meaning petrol money. Yes the T.A will give you money to pay for petrol bought to get you to your unit. So if you live close by then you'll get naf all,But if you live miles away then (sometimes) you'll recieve more in petrol money than wages for doing just one weekend.
    If you drive all week, then you don't want to be tipping up at the weekend and driving all weekend.Quite a few chunkies have come across to my unit and from the jist of things it dont sound to good,but what ever pushes your buttons.
    Some units will kick you out at 45, others will keep you till 55.Something else to look at .
  15. How's your constabulary going to react if you are warned off for a 6 month tour? This will normally entail about 9 months away from work.