Choosing a Touring Bike

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by PeacePhlapps, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. I'm trying to make my mind up about what bike to get, but struggling to find anyone with anything that isn't completely blinkered bias about my shortlist. I'm looking at a nice comfortable tourer about 2 or 3 years old which has a bit of poke but not all about speed, mostly to be used in the UK. Something around the 5 to 6K price as well.

    So good chaps of Arrse, what are the good and bad points of :

    1) BMW R1200RT
    2) Yamaha FJR1300
    3) Honda Deauville

    Or any others that are good to consider?
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  2. Dullsvilles are very good but just that, dull. Not fast but nimble. Insurance is cheap. Great mini tourers. Needs the extended panniers to lugg anything round really. Not good for 2 up riding unless your both racing snakes.

    FJR's are good but very heavy for such a small bike (plod are using them now). apart from that I cant help.

    Beemer are damn fine bikes, expensive to buy, run, maintain and service though. Not everybody is keen on their looks either.

    Personally.....Id go for a genuine sports tourer such as a Honda VFR800 or Triumph Sprint with hard panniers and top box.
    Best of all round.
  3. The Deauville is quite a long way behind the other two, it's there mostly as the Mrs has pinged it as being 'safer' after my cousin spread himself over the tarmac on the IoM - but then he was on a race bike and a bit of a dick with a speed addiction (speed as in moving not amphet!), whereas I'd just not be on a race bike.

    Interesting about the FJR being heavy. Is it actually heavy compared to others of it's size, or just a bit unbalanced?
  4. Seems a bit powerful for me. I was thinking of something more like this

  5. Go to a showroom and sit on one. They are absolutely diddy, not kidding. Really really low like a cruiser but weigh more like they are twice the size.

    Everyone is different though, I'm 6ft so if your a 4 foot tall former Mr Universe, you'll think its massive but light.

    (it is fookin heavy though)
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  6. ST1300 pan european? Quick, comfortable, & reliable.
  7. UNCPD
    Do you have a 1300 pan?
  8. Yes, I had an ex MOD plod 1100 and now a red 1300.
  9. Are the rumours true about the 1300s and why they got binned by plod? (curious)
  10. Didn't a bike mag manage to reproduce the issue? It's the reason they're not on the list for me, plus I'm not that fussed over the styling.
  11. I think the high speed handling issues were found to be mainly due to lots of heavy police kit mounted high and to the rear, and travelling at 100++ mph. I will however say that mine is fairly sensitive to tyre pressures and worn profiles, but not to the extent that it is dangerous at normal road speeds.
  12. I sold my Tiger last Oct for a Multistrada. The Tiger is a great bike, awesome mill, comfy and will do 200 miles to a tank. Above all, it's cheap and British. Well made and goes forever.

    I'd get one before a Sprint.
  13. Sod that, you wouldnt get me anywhere near a bike that is known to fishtail.

    I had a tankslapper once after clipping raised ironwork, recovered but shit the life out of me, was getting overtaken by mopeds and pushbikes for nearly a month afterwards!!
  14. X59

    X59 LE

    Current ride as a London courier is BMW's K1300S.

    Average 12 hour days in all weather and traffic conditions, and it knocks spots off my previous bikes, Honda Blackbird, VFR 800, Kawasaki ZZR 1200, Suzuki Bandit 1200 or Yamaha's Fazer.

    Super comfy, fast as ****. WINNER !