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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mcclurg, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi. I'm not in the army at the moment, as I'm only 15, but I'm hoping in the future to join as an officer, that said, I don't know what regiment I should join. I've been to a few bases, namely, Fort George (1RIR), Lympston (Royal Engineers), Ballykinler (Royal Cheshire Regiment, i think), The royal marines base (I've forgotten the name :p) and Leek training camp (I can't remember the regiment there). So far, I'm hoping to join the Royal Irish, but one of my friends is going to REME this year, and I was wondering what an officer would do in REME? Also, I was considering the marines, but I don't think I'd be fit enough to get in. I managed the marine endurance course twice, but nonetheless, I have flatfoot, and I doubt i could get in with that either. I would have joined a regiment closer to home, but the RIR are disbanding, and I have no clue what the Black Watch at palace barracks actually do. Could anyone give any kind of advice? Cheers
  2. Do your research then . you dont seem to know much
  3. no i dont ^^ thats why i was asking you people, in the hope that som1 could tell me some stuff =D
  4. Calm yerself down there young fella. The Royal Irish Regiment is not disbanding, only the three Home service Battalions are dispanding, 1 Royal Irish and the T.A element known as the 'Rangers' will remain. The Black Watch is now a Scottish infantry battalion, which is part of the newly formed Royal Regiment of Scotland. To be honest, your best bet is to go and have a chat with an Army Careers advisor at your local office, or have a chat online with a serving soldier. Theres loads of jobs in the Army so take your time and choose one that suits YOU! Saying that, from your avatar you are already affiliated with a fine regiment, why not go and do it for real? Follow the link and good luck!
  5. thanks very much. and i no the RIR arent disbanding, when i sed that i meant as in, i cant join any RIR regiment near home, because the home service battalions are disbanding (i live in northern ireland).
  6. You need to work out exactly what you want to do - from the sounds of the post you want to do something vaguely associated with being at the sharp end of being one of Her Majesty's Death Dealers (R IRISH/RM and a host of other regiments) and then mention your mate who's in the REME - implying that you might join them.

    Bottom line if dealing death is what you want to do there are plenty of regiments that allow you to do that and (at the risk of getting hate mail from all of the infantry) the majority of regiments do the same job - just at different times. Armoured Infantry - Mechanised Infantry - Light Role - Air Assault. if infantry is your thing and you want to have a go at all of this stuff you can join most battalions and if you stay in you will do all of this stuff.

    Being close to home is not a factor - you have to accept that the Army moves around a lot - don't join if you want to be close at home - it ain't ever going to happen.

    What do REME officers do - I have no idea (they probably don't either) but unless you want to write a dissertation about the attributes of a left hand spanner (and get excited about it) don't even go there.

    Suggest you take the earlier advice - get in to the careers office and have a long chat.
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Is that why you can't write English then? First and foremost, if you plan to join as an officer, learn syntax, grammar and spelling. :twisted:
  8. Why didn't you ask any questions when you were visiting tall those camps and regiments?
  9. i did ask plenty of questions, but there really wasnt a whole lotta time for them 2 answer everything. and also the fact that i think they would have been slightly offended and biased if i had have sed "wat regiment should i join?" also, i can spell, its just much quicker to type like this ^^ so bleeh. and im irish, u cant really expect me to speak english properly can u?
  10. Come and join the Army Medical Services. We go on every operational tour that there is, and there's plenty of them. You can also go down the infantry route whilst in the AMS as well. You name it, we do it.

    You'll get to deal with death in a different way. trying to prevent it rather than providing it.
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    Sorry, did someone say something?
  14. Tanks. no arguement. 2RTR. Throught the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.
  15. Join whatever you feel most comfortable with and good luck, but please STOP calling the Royal Irish "RIR"