Choosing a regiment or corps ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by midlandsboy101, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. I have been to the careers office and just got the ball rolling by filling out my application and booking my barb test, when i was in the office i was asked what i would like to join and i am keen on joining the RAC hopefully a tank regiment or the queens royal lancers,
    but they seemed very keen on swaying me towards armoured infantry just woundering if you have the full say on what you go into when you join and whether you get to choose what regiment may sound a stupid question but just after a bit of advise.
  2. basically some recruiters will try and make ya go for a certain regiment for whatever reason it could be that thats the regiment there in im going into coldstream guards in march but the recruiters tryed making me do a technical job like VM or somehting in the RLC basically do what you want mate in some regiments like rifles there is a chance that ya wont get your job choice of battalion not sure about RAC
  3. Yes you can choose a regiment to go for, but be warned that the recruiters have quotas to fill and will more than likely try and persuade you to go for something else...for example in my case i had good GCSE's , so the recruiters were adamant i couldnt go infantry, however i couldnt imagine myself doing anything else so stuck at it and eventually they let me go!! just make sure your job choice is something that you 100% want to do or else youll have a sh1t 4 years.

  4. yer thats what they tryed doing to me
  5. Thanks for the info, when do you end up choosing i know im a long way off yet but nice to know what order things happen in, at the moment cant wait just wish things would hurry up a little but its giving me time for more training so can't
  6. well ya do ya application form

    then ya BARB test

    then first interview

    then selection

    ya decide ya regiment on your application form but can ask your recruiter to change it at any time
  7. you also have a second interview jack
  8. yer but thats at selection lol well mine was
  9. well usually before you go to ADSC you have an interview with a sargeant, then another with someone higher up although i did these on the same day, then obviously you have one at the end of selection with a major (or something similar)
  10. i only had to do 2 including the one at selection hmmm